Shocking Ore

Originally from The Sunday Times, – Sunday, January 26, 2003

SOME of the City’s leading businessmen are named on a confidential list compiled in an international police inquiry into internet child pornography.

The list of 7,272 British names has been obtained by The Sunday Times. It includes at least 20 senior executives in pharmaceuticals, stockbroking, manufacturing and retailing, at least seven of whom are thought to be multimillionaires.

They are among those caught by the American authorities using their credit cards to pay for graphic pictures of children as young as six being abused. The 1,000-page list, which was passed to British police last summer, details the names, addresses and the number of subscriptions paid to child porn websites.

Disclosure of the names to The Sunday Times is likely to prompt a major leak inquiry within the British police and other organisations in the UK supplied with the list.

It is also likely to renew concerns over the policing of the internet and the slow pace of the inquiry which has seen fewer than a third of those listed arrested.

Names on the list include:

The former chairman of one of the City’s biggest firms of stockbrokers.

A senior director of a well known drinks company. Contacted at home last week, he hung up when asked why his name was on the list.

A millionaire business colleague of one of Britain’s best-known entrepreneurs.

A director of one of the country’s biggest construction companies.

A prominent City PR man who acts as an intermediary between boardrooms, the media and the government. He said last week that police had not visited his home.

A former director of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals companies.

A senior partner at a multinational accountancy firm.

A top executive at a large manufacturing company.

The Sunday Times has decided not to identify the businessmen because the police have still not interviewed them or made arrests in most cases. 

Others on the list include a senior teacher at an exclusive girls’ public school, services personnel from at least five military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants. Many are married and respected members of their local communities.

The identities of suspects had been a closely guarded secret. Fewer than 50 of the 2,000 arrested have so far been named in the British inquiry – Operation Ore. The list was generated after an inquiry by the US Postal Inspection Service in 1999 into a pay-per-view child porn website in Texas.

The Sunday Times via NewsBank

“The Sunday Times has decided not to identify the businessmen because the police have still not interviewed them or made arrests in most cases.”

10 years on, the police STILL haven’t interviewed the ‘suspects’ and so the Sunday Times has STILL not published the names.

Grateful thanks once again to Murun Buchstansangur


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26 responses to “Shocking Ore

  1. The informed people are sick of the cover ups and sick of top brass protecting their own asses. The time is right for these sick people to be ‘outed’ whether they be jobless, Multi national CEO’s top Judges or even Royalty. NO ONE should be immune in this.

    • We seem to have lots of enquiries into historic child abuse, but none into the actual cover ups. Maybe we need to move the focus to that – who was involved in the cover ups?

  2. Tara

    I agree with Enna, I think even in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah there has never ever been such perversion, this extent, never in the history of civilization have so many child torturers gotten away with criminal acts beyond imagination. All due to the wonderful internet, I believe the servers can shut down this shit, I believe the Dark Iluminati Elite just do not want to get rid of these sites. apparently Facebook is a wonderful gather site for the perverts, it just goes on and on and on. Again I thank David Icke for working commitedly to expose the wickedness. What the hell is wrong with men that they think they can get away with torturing children?? yeah, sure respectable businessmen!! and meanwhile the sex tours to third world countries to rape children – Cuba, Costa Rica, Thailand, Vietnam goes on while I am writing this. Puts one off sex completely, it originally was supposed to be a sacred act between two people who loved and respected each other. Sex has been demeaned to the lowest common denominator where women and children are debased in hundreds of thousands of media ads, in ways too numerous to list.

  3. leonard

    The data used by Ore were not reliable. Once a couple of men were able to prove definitively that they were the victims of credit card fraud, the prosecutions dried up.

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  5. rainbowsophie

    I’d like to say slow and steady wins the race, but I get the decided feeling that actually things are speeding up quite considerably. I really think Twitter is a loose chink in their wall, and also the very many excellent blogs like this one, yours Incubus, The Tap, The Slog, Outlaw, The Madlands etc. etc.
    TPTB are already changing info on Wiki pages and deleting pages off the Internet altogether, but at present they can’t stop Twitter, they can’t censure what people write on their own blogs, and most particularly they can’t stop comments appearing on those Blog posts. We just have to keep up the pressure, and we have to talk to people, everyone you know, get the message out there, make them see what is happening ! Yes I agree dark days are ahead, but we cannot go on any longer with these so called ‘leaders’ controlling our lives.

    • Indeed, but I do worry about how little space there appears to be on the internet – particularly following the McAlpine debacle on twitter. We are depending on a small handful of people to disclose this information. How do we expand and protect this space?

  6. gus brown

    I find this all so depressing. why has nothing happened? why are these vile people still walking the streets? why is the msm silent? why are we so powerless to stop them?

    • 1. Because those in power don’t want anything to happen which may damage their ‘image of respectability’, the legitimacy of their authority (the right to govern), though after the banking calamity, expenses and rate-fixing scandals you might have thought otherwise…
      2. They own them, and have nothing but utter contempt for the rest of us, we’re nothing but cattle to be exploited.
      3.They own the press, and the press owns them (remember the hacking scandal?)
      4. Because people still have faith in the sham democracy we have, where money and power governs, not the will of the people, We give them the power, because so many of us believe their lies- more fool us.

      Don’t be depressed, this is progress- 10 or 20, or even 5 years ago people were in ignorance of what was going on- now the veil is lifting…

  7. john carey

    do what they did in Liverpool don`t buy the papers (ie The Sun now the Sunday Times/Sky Sport etc), tell them to report the facts, make people (elite) accountable for their actions

    who wants kids to be abused? (past and present)

    • cantankerous

      I agree with you John it would be great if there was some kind of direct action we could take such as boycotting certain print/tv media , the example of Liverpool and Hillsborough is a good one. But the people of Liverpool were aware of the smearing of the reputations of the victims through msm reporting.
      The great problem we have is the msm are not covering elm guest house,operation pallial or operation ore so how do you get the discussion started.

      • john carey

        please see my job application to the Duke of Rutland, if he can give Harvey a job he can give you a job ask him?

  8. Martin Noakes

    “10 years on, the police STILL haven’t interviewed the ‘suspects’ and so the Sunday Times has STILL not published the names.”

    The same argument (as above) applies to the ‘Hollie Greig’ case in Scotland, that also goes right to the very top!

  9. -‘7,272 British names’

    -‘The 1,000-page list… details the names, addresses and the number of subscriptions paid’

    Seriously, what more could you possibly need!? Or is that the offences are not deemed ‘serious’ enough, or that the damage to the reputation of senior establishment figures is too high a price to pay for convictions for the re-abuse of child-porn victims? I suppose it never crossed the cop’s minds that these individuals may be actively abusing kids in person as opposed to online?

    What was the point in Operation Ore if the results were apparently so negligible- how many convictions were there of the ’50 of the 2,000 arrested’ ? How many of the ‘small fry’ got busted? Or is it just the rich bastards who got away with it?

    • john carey

      its all very sad, I remember the cop who was helping the poor families in Soham who lost their daughters to Huntley – that fucker got done for child porn on his computer – fucker blamed other cops whilst he was in therapy for his downloading.
      you tell me what to do incubusblog? get off the fence

      • It’s not for me to tell you what to do. Make your own choices. I’m certainly not foolish enough to recommend anything here anyway…like I’ve said elsewhere, very dark days are coming, and doubtless you’ll have an opportunity to ‘do’ something, though It’s up to you exactly what that might entail.

  10. Enna

    It gets worse and worse, what the hell has happened to mankind, why are there so many perverted men? Is there anyone out there who can be trusted anymore and what the hell can we do about it all? Stop the world I want to get off!

    • Gaz

      Enna there are roughly 32,000,000 males in the uk – Don’t let the perverted actions of a few thousand cloud your judgement. The vast majority are good people who make the UK one of the safest and best countries to live in throughout the world.

      • Enna

        Royalty, Governments, Doctors, Stockbrokers, Bankers, Teachers, Police, Social Workers, celebrities, media moguls, Masons, World leaders etc etc etc. It doesn’t appear to have been a very safe place for the children, does it?

    • Given the numbers at this level, goodness knows how many at the other levels above and below, men and women and across all those following ‘so called’ religion!

    • don

      its not just men !…

      • Gaz

        By Enna’s reasoning every child is at risk – shouldn’t we blame the mothers of the children? Where were they? Why are they not protecting their children? Single mothers are a disgrace – letting unknown (and dangerous) men enter into their children’s life!!! (Before you attack me – I’m just playing Devils Advocate and showing you how easy it is to blame an entire gender for the sins of the few).
        Paedo’s have learnt to group together and they seek positions of power over children – I also wonder if having a powerful job leads a person to seek sexual satisfaction through the domination of a helpless partner?

  11. Salmac

    “A senior teacher at an exclusive girls’ public school”. Why have they not been arrested or at least questioned? As part of the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) it is an offence not to refer someone if you have concerns that there may be a risk to children ( How on earth can the police be trusted and respected if this is how they behave?

  12. john carey

    As I said before, get your heads out of the sand, and either say,`fair cop, let them get away` , or `fuck off its wrong`, I want justice – in or out?