Police Warn VIP Paedophiles

Britain’s top police officer targeting paedophilia warned prominent people who committed such activities to look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives.

In an interview with Exaro, Peter Davies, head of child protection at the Association of Chief Police Officers, issued the stark warning to anyone who carried out paedophile activities – regardless of the offender’s social status.


I’d rather they were arrested. These people feel no remorse for what they’ve done.


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47 responses to “Police Warn VIP Paedophiles

  1. annmarie

    I agree dan your dad peter cyril wilkes of welshpool shud be put an the register and that’s me being nice he should be sent down for what he’s done to children

  2. dan wilkes

    And some abusers hide behind what they falsely fight for
    Mr peter cyril wilkes of welshpool powys uk
    seems like its only the rich and famous that get found out . shame realy because the victims still have to live with it all

    • dan wilkes

      Sorry i forgot to point out that i am and was the victim of child abuse and now at the age of 47 still fighting the sytem and no help from the historic child abuse because of my dads sick health (now on his death bed apparently) so will still spend the rest of my life until my dads name is on the child abusers list
      Mr pete wilkes on facebook lives in wolverhampton oh sorry you changed it again from portugal but infact is welshpool
      Full name peter cyril wilkes
      may you rest in peace

  3. Robert

    Whoever Commits Child Abuse and Innocence Destruction Regardless
    of Social Status Deserves Capital Punishment

    An Independent Britain must have Capital Punishment For Child Abuse
    Innocence Destruction and Advocation of Legalisation of Innocence

    • alan b'stard M P

      I’m not one for the death penalty myself, but something needs to be done. There seems such a difficulty in prosecuting the bastards, but little trouble in exposing the deceased ones

  4. alan b'stard M P

    When sex abuse can lead to murder

    Award-winning journalist Nick Davies concludes a series looking at the evils of paedophilia by confronting the grim mysteries of snuff movies. Today: The Amsterdam connection
    Special report: child protection


  5. Pete Wilkes.

    Peter Davies we all want them outed now, not when some more die, not when the queen dies, to save embarasing her for the large amount of shits she has knighted etc. The taxpayers pay all the bills for our country so we would like to see justice done now. But not just outed, punished and also make THEM pay the costs of the police time and court costs.

  6. Tebo

    It is very frustrating that the Police seem to be issuing warnings that they are investigating certain people, which obviously gives the nonces time to block and evade and destroy potential evidence. Just pretend they are ordinary citizens and bang on the bloody door early one morning! We want them looking over their shoulder in the shower block, not the high street!

  7. J Roaming

    He’ll do what he is told to do, sadly!

  8. Jonny

    I’ve asked the BBC why they are avoiding Fairbank and Fernbridge! I’ll keep you informed.

  9. john carey

    Agree with you mate full stop, not asking you to do fuck all, unfortunately (for me) I fight, expect to lose, but fight I have to, its wrong mate, its wrong, direct action!

    • Hi John,

      Your anger is understandable and justifiable. But these things take time to filter down and build irresistible momentum.

      I urge you to have patience. You know about what has happened, that’s good, you are angry, that is good too but give the general population the opportunity to catch up. I doubt they’ll be less angry than you when they finally realise.

      Patience! The fuse is lit, let it burn.

      • john carey

        I am not angry, not at all, not one little bit, unfortunately I am from an Irish/Liverpool background and have been known to have a `fight` with a mirror – please believe me my powder is dry

  10. What a great quote!- softly, softly, we no catchee monkee! A funny handshake here, a funny handshake there, a trouser leg rolled up here- ‘see you down the Lodge’. What a bunch of complete and utter bastards! Get this straight- they don’t give a damn for kids, particularly vulnerable, ordinary working class kids, they have absolutely no human compassion for the now adult victims, and they have absolutely no respect for their parents, their families, their friends, their communitities- basically they think we’re worse than plebs, we’re scum, virtually sub-human and not entitled to the most basic protection of the law, which is made only for the protection of them, their class and their wealth and power.

    • Enna

      Sadly I think you are absolutely right.

    • Georgebush911terrorist

      The whole system absolutley stinks

    • john carey

      so what do you think you should do? you talk the talk can you walk the walk? i think (know) I can

      • John, I’m not about to impllcate myself publiclly in a conspiracy to commit criminal, extra-legal acts, but what I will say, is that the way things are going, with these revelations and ‘non-revelations’, the government’s attacks on the living standards of ordinary people, both working and unwaged, (while the fat-cats carry on gorging themselves)- it will come to ‘direct action’ on a very large scale. It would not surprise me that lists are already being made, and plans for a guillotine in Parliament Square are being drawn up. Whether it comes through a mass popular uprising or something like a ‘Committee for Public Safety’ remains to be seen. The truth will out, like Hillsborough, Orgreave, the blacklists in the building trade, ‘WMDs’ or the brutality of the British Army. They think they can treat us all like fools, and more and more of us aren’t having it…

    • alan b'stard M P


  11. john carey

    you are `sad` people you can `fight` fucking hell! where is the Dunkirk Spirit`?

    • alan b'stard M P

      Dunkirk spirit. Indeed. Where is the Dunkirk spirit when Pakis are grooming and raping white girls, some underage.

      Dunkirk spirit went when someone said you can’t be ” racist “. LOL. Where are the football firms

      In those riots, Sikhs were armed and said the blacks were going to get sorted if they stepped foot in Sikh areas. Where was Whitey in his own land?

      • john carey

        all a fair cop so now we have a police force that is now politically correct but could not give a flying fuck – just waiting to get their pension at 55 – police `sold their soul` to Thatcher – cry babies!

      • Probably too busy raping his own daughter, jerking off or snorting coke, you racist arse.
        The Dunkirk spirit was a myth invented by the Ministry of Truth- half naked Tommys who’d thrown their rifles away, but hey, I thought you wanted Hitler to win anyway, (and then deport all British males between 16 and 65 to his new empire in Russia, as per the recommendations of Alfred Six in his Black Book for the occupatipon of Britain.), Such a patriotic troll.

      • alan b'stard M P

        It was thanks to Hitler he defied his generals and gave the famous ” HALT ” order. The British army was to be left alone and the little fleet picked then up

      • alan b'stard M P

        Incubusblog. Where is my racism? Why did you make a general negative statement about whites?

  12. Richard

    The Police are above the Law let alone the Elite. They have done a magnificent job of keeping the arrests in the entertainment sector and out of politics. I had a discussion years ago with a senior officer who investigating C…Smith. He said that they had enough on him to put him away for the rest of his life but that the DPP would not prosecute as it was deemed against the public interest and this is what will happen here.

    • Georgebush911terrorist

      ‘Deemed amongst the public interest’ what when there is a kiddy fiddler at large.. the dpp. bow down to the royal family..if the police were not so afraid of the queen thwy would have arrested her years ago and thrown away the key

      • alan b'stard M P

        we can’t blame H M. She’s not out there molesting kids. The police don’t serve RADA or the Arty set. If any 2 groups have nothing in common it’s the Arts & plod

    • Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles- mediating his marriage with Di, like Madge didn’t know what was going on!? A pox on the Royals and all hereditary privilege.

    • alan b'stard M P

      what right does the DPP have to determine ” public interest ” It should have gone to trial

  13. Clothcat

    Umm.. does not matter who is in on it? of course it matters.. we are talking a bout the elites, the elites can get away with anything, say if the queen was to go nuts and start killing everyone, how can they give her trial, the police serve the queen, the courts and prisons are all under name by the queen, how do you think saville got away with it for years? nothing will be done.. the media will continue to spin lie after lie and it will all eventually die down

    • alan b'stard M P

      Saville got away with it thanks to fellow staffers like Janet Street-Porter who knew what was happening and said nothing. They should drag a few of them in for a real drilling

  14. gus brown

    Why is nobody on the list under arrest and why is none of the msm reporting any of this? Of course silly me the “lizards” look after their own.

  15. about time , is all i can manage to say at the mo. All thru the last 20yrs, we have faced denial, suppression, derision, bs, mistreatment, condemnation, blacklisting, punitive treatment from social workers, child protection agencies & charities, none of whom have really addressed the problem, or listened to the survivors of sexual abuse during childhood, any distress caused, relabels us, as either unfit parents, mentally unstable, untreatable, troublemakers, damaged goods, etc. Its about time the tables turned, but with all the cuts & reforms, it,s getting hard to believe that child care or protection truly exists , here UK

  16. Clothcat

    All absolute balls, nothing will be done simple as.. the royals were in on it too, the police serve and protect the queen … ding ding ding ding.. wake up.. hello hello

  17. Bill Wagstick

    What do you expect its a statement from ACPO Ltd.(Company Number: 3344583) the statement is probably issued as part of their ongoing “Peter Wright protocol”.

  18. Wendy

    Never mend the rest of their lives……why not NOW ???

  19. Enna

    I agree with you, they need to be arrested, have their day in court and if guilty, locked up for a very long time, his statement just sounds like a warning to be more discreet with their activities.

    • alan b'stard M P

      It is a standard public statement. Much like drinking drivers will be dealt with, of football hooligans. Standard for public consumption

      What is he expected to say?