Clare: Short Term Memory.


“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” ― George Orwell

A friend passed on this email exchange between himself and the former  Secretary of State for International Development Clare Short.

“From RJ MacReady

Would you be able to explain why you opposed the bill Geoffrey Dickens tried to introduce in 1984 that would have made it illegal to be a member of an organisation like PIE?
At the time you said this bill would do nothing to protect children and was just a publicity stunt for Mr Dickens. How does a bill that would have made it illegal to be part of an organisation that condones paedophilia and make people think twice about subscribing to something that might give them information about how to procure children not protect children?
Can I also ask if you were aware of the rumours regarding Peter Morrison and the Elm guest house?
I would appreciate some form of response to this enquiry please.”

In reply………….

“I am sorry, I simply cannot remember any of the details.The record will have to stand for itself.
I have heard various rumours but after the Mac Alpine case,e all have to be careful with rumours
Best Wishes
From Clare Short”

Here is a reminder Clare.




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10 responses to “Clare: Short Term Memory.

  1. Looks like Ms Claire doesn’t have any such word as BRAVE in her dictionary!

  2. Geoff Davidson

    Another one who hung back at the time so as not to rock her career boat?

  3. Sam

    Wooo….Didn’t Big Mc do well? This smoke and mirrors pseudo-defence will be trotted out for years in all sorts of situations and by all sorts of people seeking to duck and dive.

    But as Mr b’stard points out, the Big Mc ballyhoo changed nothing in reality and in sum means nothing at all. ‘Do the right thing’ still applies.

    (And thanks Gojam, for the link to Zoompad’s blog. Worth reading – very lucid, thoughtful and brave).

  4. I feel utterly betrayed by Clare Short. She was my MP when I lived in Handsworth and I wrote to her about the Staffordshire Pindown abuse, and she knows I was not only abused as a child but persecuted as an adult. Thanks so very very much for posting this.

  5. Her principles over the Gulf War only stretched as far as keeping her Parliamentary perks. The Cow.

  6. alanbstardmp

    these people are mostly time servers. All pollies should have term limits

  7. john carey

    a sad shallow person – takes a true person to say `sorry`

  8. alanbstardmp

    If she’s heard rumours she should go to the police. The MacAlpine matter does not stop her from meeting her duties