Beyond Good And Evil

little albert

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’

Last night I was considering the possible negative psychological effects of child sexual abuse on victims in later life and I recalled a couple of experiments that were done in the first half of the 20th century. I’m not going to write about them myself but I thought I’d provide links so that if you’re interested you can check them out.

Both experiment are considered by psychologists today to be highly unethical and it is unlikely that any similar experiments will be carried out in the future.

The first experiment is known as the ‘Little Albert experiment’ (pictured above), Which was a case study showing empirical evidence of classical conditioning in humans. This study was also an example of stimulus generalization. It was conducted in 1920 by John B. Watson along with his assistant Rosalie Rayner. The study was done at Johns Hopkins University. The Link can be found here

The second experiment is known as ‘The Monster Study’ which was conducted by Wendell Johnson in 1939 at the University of Iowa. The link can be found here

I hope you find these of interest.


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13 responses to “Beyond Good And Evil

  1. I knew the golf captain at the queens residence and he knew sir anthony blunt, after a few G&Ts in the club house one day Blunt opened up to raping and killing young boys and suplying them for blackmail to politicians etc, The golf captain said i tried to silence him but he just overtalked me
    about all this horrific stuff about boys bums

    • john carey

      made me laugh! `horrific stuff about boys bums` as you are not aware Blunt never played golf (hated it, see his autobiography, `My Life as a Gay Flea` only drank pints of Guiness, so fuck off anthony randell

  2. john carey

    fair cop! but unfortunately a `growing market` (as you state 36,000 off shoots) what chance have we got! WE ARE ALL DOOMED! (my second `chant`)

    • Well, never mind deary, I’m sure they’ll be another world war soon and a thermonuclear one at that, so that should put your mind at rest. I honestly think this species hasn’t too long left- overstayed our welcome on planet earth, and burnt all our bridges…so the doom will both satisfy you and the apocalyptic god-botherers…

  3. john carey

    Fuck Pavlov! what about organised religion! –

    • I couldn’t agree more, though science has taken the place of the religions of the filthy priests, who abuse the minds of children before they get anywhere near their bodies, using one to facilitate the other. The Catholic Church, all of the Protestant Sects (did you know there are 36,000 different versions of christianity!?), claustrophobic, repressive, racially exclusive Judaism and the medieval atavism of Islam are responsible for the retardation of human development and vile abuse of peoples good ‘faith’ for centuries, never mind al the Holy Wars fought in the name of ‘eternal peace’. A pox on all religion and all the paedo priests!

  4. Obscene. You should look into the experiments Pavlov conducted on children, yes children (street kids and orphans), for while he is known for his behavioural conditioning work with dogs, he used the exact same methods on kids -starving them, then eliciting a response from an associated stimulus at feeding time, and measuring the saliva they produced. He did this the same way as the dogs- drilled a hole in their cheeks and attached a measuring phial. This and the stuff above puts me in mind of grooming, the conditioning of victims, and the later effects of it in terms of PTSD… One of the worst aspects of paedophilia is the fact that ‘Monsters’ do really exist, ones that literally hunt children like something from a nightmarish, gothic fairy tale.

  5. john carey

    “Give me a child till the age of seven and I will give you the man`, Jesuits was`nt it? How fucking true, `Catholic guilt` all my life – try to be an atheist – but tell you now when I am in serious `shit` the old `Hail Mary`s` come out.