The Life Of PIE

This is a short history of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which became a ‘legal’ paedophile ring. It allowed paedophiles to legally organise a network which was by necessity secret. Members were able to exchange child pornography, it would be naive to think that they did not share victims of abuse also.

This history must start in 1967 when the Sexual Offences Act decriminalised homosexual acts in private between two men, both of whom had to have attained the age of 21, in England and Wales. It is important to note that  Homosexuality was not decriminalised in Scotland until 1980, and in Northern Ireland until 1982.

Following the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, homosexuals in parts of the UK other than England and Wales organised in an effort to attain equality in law. One such organisation, founded in 1969, was the Scottish Minorities Group (SMG). The SMG, which was based in Glasgow, was a self-help organisation working for the rights of homosexual men and women, and had the aims of providing counselling, working for law reform and providing meeting places for lesbians and gay men.

PIE, originally chaired by Michael Hanson,  began as a special interest group in 1974 under the SMG umbrella organisation. Note that paedophilia was no less illegal than homosexuality in Scotland at this time. PIE relocated to London in 1975 under a new chairman Keith Hose.

Here we face up to a moral ambiguity and legal anomaly , an ambiguity which has served to blur the boundaries between right and wrong up until the present day. Some members of the gay community quite rightly, in my opinion, agitated and campaigned for equality under the law. The homosexual age of consent was then 21, while for heterosexuals it was 16. It would not be until the Sexual Offences Act 2000 that full equality would be achieved. While others, including PIE members and members of the Paedophile Action for Liberation (PAL), a breakaway group from South London Gay Liberation Front, were campaigning for the abolition of the age of consent altogether. It is not hard to see how under the circumstances these two distinct subsections of the gay community might find common cause.

I personally, can not find it in my heart to criticise those who may have committed criminal acts against those under 21 which would today be considered legal, as long as it was consensual. I make exceptions to this general rule for legislators, members of the judiciary, and officers of the law, as there can never be an excuse for those entrusted with responsibility for making and upholding the law, to break the law, regardless of how unjust that law may appear.

It is this ambiguity which has allowed Prime Minister David Cameron to characterise justifiable public outrage against paedophilia, as a ‘gay witch hunt’, it is this ambiguity which has allowed predatory paedophiles to hide in plain sight as homosexuals, and it is this ambiguity which appears to be the reason why homosexual campaigners appear to be reluctant to criticise paedophiles.

Back to the history. Later in 1975 PAL became the subject of a Sunday People exposé , the subsequent public outrage spelt the beginning of the end of PAL, and what remained of the organisation merged with PIE.

In an effort to gain establishment respectability, Keith Hose, PIE’s chairman, spoke at the 1975 annual conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) in Sheffield and also attended a conference organized by Mind, the National Association for Mental Health. Encouraged by the reception that these academics and mental health professionals gave him, Keith Hose submitted a 17 page document as evidence to the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent. It is an indication of the influence PIE already had within the establishment that it was quickly brought to the attention of the then Home Secretary Roy Jenkins.

If PIEs activities had been restricted to submitting evidence for parliamentary review and putting their case at various conferences, however abhorrent the majority of decent people might find their aims, it would be difficult to criticise. After all, in a democracy it is often the case that minorities put forward views that the majority find repugnant but in a democracy the majority will always reject such proposals but PIEs activities were far more insidious.

From it’s inception PIE facilitated, through its newsletter and later through its publications ‘Understanding Paedophilia’ and the magazine ‘Magpie’, a contact network of paedophiles. Effectively, PIE became the hub of a national paedophile ring.

In 1978, until 1983, PIE  became affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), now known as Liberty. Under PIE’s influence the NCCL campaigned for incest to be decriminalised and argued that sexually explicit child pornography should be legal unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered harm.

During the period 1978-85, when PIE was finally outlawed, the organisation was dogged by bad press, and it’s members subject to a series of arrests.

However, the long term consequences of allowing PIE to operate legally for ten years can not be overestimated. To think that an established and organised semi-covert network of predatory paedophiles would simply disappear once PIE had been made an illegal organisation would be folly. Many members, including Steven Adrian Smith who was Chairperson of PIE from 1979 to 1985, fled to Holland, where they continued to abuse children, others remained in the UK unharassed by the authorities.

The PIE network, which had always operated in a semi-covert way, no longer needed a central and public communication hub. The contacts, of a disparate paedophile minority, which would have been unlikely to natually evolve a covert organisational structure due to the necessarily secretive nature of their sexual proclivities,  had already been established.

It is, in part, the failure of that generation’s politicians which included Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewett, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, and many more, which has bequeathed to us the current unacceptable situation.

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  2. Wanda Frank

    My Jewish husband of 32 years recently filed for divorce so he can live in bliss with his new MTF transsexual friend. Disgusting. The MTF went after him aggressively as one would expect a male to do. He is equally as bad for he lied about the child abuse he suffered as a Jewish child – permitted by the Babylonian Talmud – read it and you will be shocked! – and that sexual abuse finally caused him to develop a split in his personaity. This is the same thing MK Ultra used to create the same broken people – trauma especially sexual trauma – on children. Eventually it catches up and ruins many people. No, this should not be allowed and all this liberal behavior needs to be chucked. We are ruining society. Pedophiles should be treated and not shamed – they are usually pedophiles because they were abused.

  3. kuriosreogge

    My personal opinion is that if you are a grown man and you find pleasure in having sexual relations with a child you are mentally damaged. Children should not be considered sexually responsible. children should not be considered sexual objects. homosexuality is odd. it is bad for the human race, if everyone were gay, humans would slowly die out and there would be no family structure. i think gay people are just sexual deviants who have allowed sex to be so important in there life that it defines who they are. i also think some dudes are gay because they lack confidence with women and take comfort with other odd males to form a “gay community”. gay guys feel free to offer fellatio to any other grown man that enjoys it in the privacy of their homes. but homosexuality offers nothing to mainstream society. being gay or a pedo is weird and should be lumped in together as sexual deviancy. it should remain taboo. the day that gay is normal is the day it becomes fashionable. this might sound like rambling nonsense but i dont put much thought into this argument since i consider gay people silly pervs. they arent bad people they just like sex waaaaaayyy too much. all pedos arent gay some just have tiny penises and think that children wont notice that they are ill-equipt to be a real man. but they are all smug sickos that lack the compassion necessary to have an actual relationship with a woman. real men of the world should unite to put down the sissy uprising. which shouldnt be that hard since they are inherently cowards. thank you

    • alanbstardmp

      yes you are right. I will emphasis I don’t think all gays are paedos, but the vast majority of paedos are gay. The gay lobby after being given an inch, pardon the pun, have taken a mile, and the parliament have been very friendly to them

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  5. john gabb.

    unfortunately, lines do get blurred,i know of mothers who accept their 14yr old daughters relationship with 18yr old men but would be horrified with the reverse. also, its nigh on impossible to stop teenagers,for example,of the same age having their first sexual encounters with each other but its unacceptable for somebody above a certain age to exploit a child’s/teenagers curiosity.a lot of my friends lost their virginity under the legal age and i couldn’t say if it did them any more harm than me losing mine at 17. its obvious to me what’s right and wrong,rape is rape and when you are hearing that people you have been brought up to look to as an example are having children from care homes delivered to hotels to be treated in this manner its time to get very angry.blaming homosexuals does no one any good. a paedophile is a paedophile by definition, and in my experience, i’ve met more women that have been abused sexually than men,not that it makes a blind bit of difference to the bigger shocks me that educated people are more interested in winning an argument on a forum than actually doing something constructive about this dreadful situation. also, isn’t a witch hunt against gays exactly what the powers that be want to take the heat off this problem?

      • john gabb.

        ha ha! i think that some of the posters on here are losing the power of common sense,or have a very different agenda altogether.i know plenty of gay people who are just as disgusted by paedophiles as the heterosexuals i know.i can only go by my own choice of companionship,which is grown women. if i happened to be gay i would imagine my choice would be the same age group.i find it very insulting and dangerous to attack a sexual orientation that is legal while trying to find a solution to one that is,quite rightly not.

    • alanbstardmp

      it is not a witch hunt against gays. Let the criminal chips fall where they may. You just have to accept that homosexuals are the far greater offenders than heteros against children

      Look at the Church. it happens there almost exclusively against boys. The Scouts, against boys etc

      • alanbstardmp

        John Gabb

        your relationships with women is not a choice. It is natural and your ” wiring ” is properly connected, Gays have their wiring crossed. Their is something wrong with it

  6. Gojam, I really don’t get why you allow the classic misdirections by some people who comment here, the ad-hominem statements, the blatant pushing of an agenda that suits those paedophiles and their enablers in power- ‘All gay men are paedophiles, but not all paedophiles are gay’ rubbish, the diversionary tactics of bringing up race as an issue too and the ridiculous assertions about male sexual maturity, and the ‘age of consent’ crap (which has never, ever stopped sexual abuse, even when it was 21, like the arcane criminalisation of anal sex between man and wife, the law never stopped anyone getting their jollies, legal, consensual or not). Using the elite paedophilia issue to attack gay people generally is about as low as you can get, and it sits well with Scameron’s Scofield performance. I know you probably believe in having free speech and balance, but I’m perplexed that you seem to be falling for the thinly veiled Establishment party line…Anyone coming to your blog may well just think ‘gay witch-hunt’ and dismiss the valuable work that you do.

    • john gabb.

      i totally agree.

    • Hi incubus,

      My own preference would be for intelligent and considered debate. I’ve endeavoured to make my own views clear, I certainly wouldn’t want any specific comment to reflect on me because it is on here. You understand the moderation restrictions on wordpress. I can either have free flowing conversation or I can moderate all comments.

      Also, there is quite a large amount of comments now. I understand your frustration but please do not think that because a comment is posted that I endorse that view.

      I particularly dislike anti-semitic, racist and homophobic comments but I find myself in an increasingly difficult situation.

      I just have to hope that readers will always judge me on what I write and not on the views of others.

      I’m just one person, not a multi-national corporation.

      • john gabb.

        again,i totally agree.people can’t show their ignorance if you don’t allow them a voice.

      • Fair enough, I can appreciate the fact that moderating every comment would take time away from researching and writing your pieces. I only hope that most of your readers see through the divisive comments that have there own agenda, and that ‘intelligent and considered debate’ prevails. You’re doing a bloody great job. Keep it up!

      • alanbstardmp

        Gojam. What qualifies as anti semitic, racist and homophobic. Telling the truth with records produced? No! Not at all. One of the biggest child molesting rackets is Jewish available freely in the web and the victims are Jewish

        Racist? I think people are entitled to name call after they see the murder, gang rape, and violence committed by imports. It’s the only weapon they have, and cause no harm. They are entitled to express their frustrations

        Honestly, societies problems with never stop until you all understandable thing need to be looked at without ill will, malice or favour

        Gojam, if someone supplies you with evidence, it can be published here without you needing an opinion, and if I, or anyone else doesn’t like it, too bad

        One of my posts elsewhere has been in moderation for a couple of days now

    • alanbstardmp

      It may also serve you to know a disproportionate percentage of serial killers are gay. As for your remark about nonces in the BNP, I understand this is true. I also understand BNP members recognize this and there has been internal strife over it. More than you get from Tories and Labour

    • alanbstardmp

      your attempts at censorship of those with a difference of opinion, or facts, is uncalled for

  7. Principle

    The Age of Consent Must be Increased to 18 Years of Age

    There must be a Crackdown upon Innocence Destroyers and
    Advocates of Innocence Destruction

    • Susan

      peters photo
      was faked. Google it. bnp smear campaign.

      • alanbstardmp

        that is not proof the BNP did it. Frankly, I prefer the BNP than Tatchel and his mob regardless

      • My understanding is that it was photoshopped by the BNP but it does correctly attribute the expressed sentiments of Peter Tatchell who said “The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful” –

        That said that picture isn’t even on my blog.

      • Plenty of nonces and other dross in the Nazi BNP-it’s a matter of public record.

    • alanbstardmp

      the age of consent for males must not be lowered. That’s the main thing, besides voting the major parties out

      • john carey

        I think the problem you have with `young men` is they would fuck a frog if it stopped hopping – education, education, education regarding sex – so by 10, 12,14 , etc they understand that there is no `bullying` or coercion, if you catch my drift – no child should be exploited

  8. Dzijane

    Is it photoshopped because I really want to know. Can’t watch BBC anymore without feeling very sick, sick at the thought of how truly terrible a place it is. I really am considering cancelling my licence and chucking the lot in the bin. The damage this does to children physically and mentally can last for life and usually does. The guilt a parent feels after discovering their child wasn’t protected after all is pretty devastating too. I have never heard any children begging for the age of consent to be lowered Harriet Harman, how many dirty old ba….ds in politics influence you

  9. joe doe

    that photo is photoshopped. repeat must get facts right must get facts right

  10. alanbstardmp

    the gays that do not speak out against paedos are as bad. Like anyone who knows a crime of any kind is commissioned against the vulnerable and don’t report it, they are responsible too

  11. An excellent article! You’re quite right about ideologies too. It’s bloody awful that during the ‘heady days’ of sexual liberation that the paedophiles latched themselves onto Gay rights with their argument based on a spurious, idealised conception of classical Greek antiquity (doubtless a product of the public school system) making for a bizarre alliance with post-Marxist theory- I was shocked when I discovered the GLF-PIE links, a gift to homophobes, tragic and highly damaging to the just cause of Gay equality.

    • alanbstardmp

      Gays should not have equality here. Girls sexual mature sooner than boys, and I think lowering the age of consent to 16 for boys is wrong. They need a couple of more years before consenting to gay sex

      • Why is it OK for a forty year old man to have sex with my 16 year old daughter but not if it’s my 16 year old son ?

        Ultimately we must have equality in law. Whether that is 16 or 18 it must be the same across the board

        It is difficult but ultimately as parents we have to let go at some stage.

      • alanbstardmp

        Because the age of consent is your daughter’s right to have sex with whom she pleases. The age of consent is not a right for concerned fathers, as much as all appreciate fatherly concern

        As I said, boys are not sexually mature at 16, females generally are and that is a law of nature

        If you had an 18 y o son he too can do what with whom he pleases

    • alanbstardmp

      Gay is known as ” Greek style ” Even anal sex with a female is known as that

      Ancient Greek warriors were screaming arse bandits using women for reproductive purposed

      Some gays today refer to women as ” breeders”, nickname for the children they will assault

  12. john carey

    very good and clear article – what amazes me is said politicians (Harman/Hewett etc) surely they should have had the common sense to understand/know that you dont fuck kids (ie would they let their kids/relatives kids etc get abused by adults? Myself I think not, so begs the question, why did they not `shout from the rooftops` about this `outrage`.

    • inflexible ideology always leads to folly

      • john carey

        thats a bit `over my head` gojam

      • Sorry, it wasn’t meant to be.

        Harman and Hewett were ‘equality’ ideologues. Even to the extent where they believed that paedophiles were an oppressed minority.

        It is the folly of all ideologies that they stop people from thinking about each issue on a case by case basis, on it’s merits.