Long To Rain All Over Us

As news breaks that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has abdicated in favour of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander , it is possibly best to remind ourselves why, those of us from the UK  should not be so desirous of a similar announcement.

Recently, we have seen the advancement of the PC political amendment to the UK constitution to overhaul the Crown’s bias in favour of male progeniture. I’m inclined, and I say this as a man, to go the whole hog, bypass equality and go for female progeniture. That way we could look forward to a Queen Anne II, if anything happened to Queen Elizabeth II, with a future Queen Zara I as next in line to the throne.

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Express 25.11.83

Grateful thanks once again to Murun Buchstansangur


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16 responses to “Long To Rain All Over Us

  1. Nikki

    the trouble with that, and many other newspaper articles from the era, is that it is condeming ‘homosexuals’ per se, not ‘paedophiles’. there is a difference folks.

    • alanbstardmp

      why is it someone always wants to instruct us all that there is difference between paedos & homosexuals? Something we already know

    • alanbstardmp

      Nikki, the PIE is a gay paedo group. dedicated to shagging kids. Nowhere was there an allegation all poofs are paedos

  2. john carey

    what about President Benn or Skinner ? both either in there late 70`s or early 80`s so will not be corruptible, and both will not be in it for the `money`

  3. alanbstardmp

    Lectured by a Conservative Minister about employing HOMOSEXUALS in the 1970s, the Queen Mother is reported to have quipped that, without them, “”we’d have to go self-service.”

  4. alanbstardmp

    can you show the date on the newspaper clipping please. That is important

  5. bonelgesgory

    By the way, what is going on with Cliffs hair?

  6. bonelgesgory

    Does anyone really see any purpose to the monarchy any more?

  7. cantankerous

    But I thought Charles was two years old than Anne anyway so surely that would not follow ?

    • Female progeniture would ensure that the first born female would succede to the throne regardless of age.

      • cantankerous

        Oh right get it. I have a more radical suggestion why don’t we rehouse them in a tower block in Peckham use their vast wealth to solve the debt crisis and if the Duke of Edinburgh gets another bladder infection put him on the Liverpool Care Pathway as we would a working class member of his generation.

      • President Blair ?

        President Cameron ?