The Elm Guest House ‘Family Tree’

This schematic is the work of a team working together on David Icke’s Forum



by | January 26, 2013 · 12:09 pm

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  3. John Ford

    Hi Gojam,

    I agree that bien pensant Davies is a fine journalist, but perhaps he has found himself in somewhat of a glass house of late – I have heard tell of certain proclivities from numerous sources, involving a human hair ritual, that suggest his lothario reputation runs a little deeper. All legal and consenting I’m sure – just a little creepy.

  4. Tebo

    Great work Gojam and team. aangirfan mentions Rotterdam on today’s page. You are proving how it is linked with networks in other countries. Would be great if you managed to get in touch with Nick Davies, as he may be able to help clarify a few things.

    • rainbowsophie

      Seems to be doing very little after exposing Hackgate – not even that busy on Twitter. Hopefully he is composing away and will come up with a doozy of an article in the near future !

      • John Ford

        Nick Davies reportage spotted on Guido yesterday (Jan 30th) –

        Nick Davies Threatens to Use PCC to Spank Mail

        Guardian hack Nick Davies once called the Press Complaints Commission “corrupt” and has written numerous pieces attacking it. So Guido was surprised to hear that he was not averse to threatening to use it himself. In October a journalist from the Mail rang Davies up about a diary piece concerning what a girlfriend, Imogen Lycett Green, is said to have told giggling friends. The details are not suitable for a family blog – think Max Mosley without the Germans.

        He went absolutely crackers, surprisingly. Guido hears that Davies was able to recite vast chunks of the PCC code word for word down the phone. Threatening them with the PCC equivalent of hell and damnation if his vice anglais became public…

      • Hi John,

        Guido owes his ‘exclusives’ to the establishment who feed him the gossip he publishes.

        Nick Davies has done some fantastic work over many years about child abuse. I’d highly recommend you read his stuff if you haven’t already.

        Now it looks like the establishment knives are out for him. I don’t know anything about this tittle tattle, I’m not that interested.