Is This Acceptable ?

Judge Griffith-Jones

Judge Griffith-Jones

And I don’t mean the crime which is obviously despicable, I mean the judge’s sentence.

Nicholas Beaumont-Dark, a stockbroker and Son of a former MP, found with 388 images of child abuse, including images of baby’s being sexually abused, and is part of an online network of paedophiles, this wealthy man has to pay £1,200 costs and is given a suspended sentence ?

“Passing sentence on Beaumont-Dark, the judge said: “You are fifty. You were, until you became enmeshed in this, a man of good character.” How the hell does he know he was of good character, is that what the Lodge had told the judge before sentencing ?

It’s not as though any witnesses will be likely to come forward if  Nicholas Beaumont-Dark has put his sick fantasies into action.

It’s an absolute disgrace in my view.

And it’s not the first time Judge Griffith-Jones’ sentencing has been call into question, Also read – “Respectable Killers”

The son of a former Birmingham MP has been sentenced for downloading child pornography.

Nicholas Beaumont-Dark, son of the late Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark, pleaded guilty in December to eight charges of making a total of 393 indecent images of children, by downloading them onto his computer.

The 50-year-old married dad-of-three, of Vicarage Hill, Tanworth-in-Arden, also admitted eight charges of distributing 388 such images through a file-sharing network called Gigatribe.

The judge in the case, Richard Griffith-Jones, sitting at the Warwickshire Justice Centre, sentenced Beaumont-Dark to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, two years of supervision and £1,200 costs.

Birmingham Mail


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16 responses to “Is This Acceptable ?

  1. Barbara Jackson

    Is he a mason? No he would not have been prosecuted in the first place

  2. Arthur the Briton

    ‘Previous good character’ in this context, does it not mean he had not been caught before rather than he had been proved to have been squeaky clean?

  3. Anon

    A plus point is that this bastard pervert will be shamed wherever he goes. He won’t be welcomed by many in his previous social set. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen with a paedo priest who thought he was above suspicion – until he was caught.

    The negative is that it sends the message to other pervs that it’s only a minor offence.

    I know a judge whose 50yo brother had a relationship with one of his 16yo pupils. The judge (a real nutter anyway – who appoints these twats?) thought it was ‘just human nature’ and fine that the teacher was just moved to another school.

    This permissive attitude towards crimes against children, woman and vulnerable people is despicable.It truly shows how depraved and corrupt our ‘authorities’ really are.

    • alan b'stard M P

      If the pupil was female, then that is legal, although given he was a teacher, there is special legislation for them. If it wasn’t his pupil, it would be legal

  4. There’s one law for the rich and the paedos and another for the rest of us… Not the first time he’s gone for leniancy towards nonces either-

    and let’s not forget the warped Judge Francis Gilbert QC-

    Perhaps he and Judge Griffith-Jones are old mates?

    (when I was a kid I grew up with a Judge as a neighbour, only to find out a few years back that he was molesting his adopted son- my brother’s best friend…he’s retired now, and I have no evidence…)

  5. sickening, I hope there is a hell.These people are worse than animals they have no souls.

  6. Enna

    No it’s not acceptable it is abhorrent! It feels to me as though the establishment is spitting in the face of good people and sending out a message that there’s nothing we can do to stop them. I am sickened by this news.

  7. Jonny


  8. rainbowsophie

    I despair – how on earth can this happen !! I know a couple of local magistrates, our town would be ‘up in arms’ if they had have tried and sentenced someone in such a fashion for a crime like this. Moral outrage is not the word……………………….. :(

  9. Anthony Henry

    I suppose it helps if your father was a Tory Peer. Another elitetist millionaire buys his way out of trouble what’s new. The sentencing guidelines in the country are incredible. He would have been more vilified if he committed a white collar crime. How about the local children who innocently came to his house for swimming lessons or to use the pool? The full details of this case need to be published just to show how repulsive this man is. He actually had the audacity to try and contact friends and ex colleagues to explain his actions. But hey he has so been punished …. I only feel sorry for his children for the shame they must feel

  10. john carey

    cause its not – he is the the son of an MP (same as Gerry Mccann`s dad was a Labour MP) – what do you expect? him (them) to be treated like any `Joe in the street`?

  11. Anthony Henry

    The sentence is disgraceful this man is with over 50million pounds so he did. It need to charge anything for passing these sick images onto his fellow pervert group. He would have got a larger fine for speeding and a larger sentence as a first time offender for stealing an ice lolly during the riots and they say justice is not for sale what a joke. Only a few nationals have featured this story financial crime is more of a concern and sentenced greater than crimes against humanity. I supp

  12. Louise

    what the actual fuck?? unbelievable!
    I’m outraged.