30 Ongoing Police Paedophile Investigations

This is The Sun story which was written in conjunction with Exaro News.

THE shocking scale of the threat posed by paedophile gangs is revealed today — with at least THIRTY major police investigations under way.

Massive resources are being ploughed into operations targeting child sex gangs who use alcohol, drugs, cash or celebrity status to groom victims.

It comes after a rise in the number of reported cases following the Jimmy Savile scandal and the Rochdale paedo ring — which has so far seen ten men jailed.

Hundreds of officers are working on operations around the country.

In the past, units tackling sex abuse have been the Cinderellas of policing, with a comparative shortage of resources. But their manpower is now on a similar level to murder probes.

The Sun

Where is the national coordination ? Who is joining up the dots ? The problem with these piecemeal investigations is that they are unable to see the big picture. It’s no wonder no national paedophile ring can be found, nobody is looking for one.


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15 responses to “30 Ongoing Police Paedophile Investigations

  1. alanbstardmp

    but it’s everywhere, In Islamic and Judaism as well as the Church, media, pollies, entertainment

    Surely police could have had something by now?

  2. cantakerous You are wrong to suggest that I am not going to continue to investigate the Rocks Lane paedophile ring. On the contrary more will appear early next week. The reason why the tale on the number of police investigations appeared is that while investigating this we came across the fact there was now a much larger number of current investigations into sexual abuse rings than we could have possibly imagined. Mark thought the public should know – we are in this for the long term!

    • gus brown

      I hope so . These creatures have got away with their vile practices for far too long but I do worry that the big cover up will win out in the end. I has so many times in the past.

    • Thank you for clarifying that David.

      Personally, I never doubted that the Exaro team were determined to pursue this and I presume as professional journalists

      If it’s not too cheeky, may I ask why your former Guardian colleague Nick Davies, who has done so much, I really can’t emphasise how much background information he has provided, has been so quiet ?

    • cantankerous

      Thank you for your response. I wish you well with the investigation but will maintain my cynicism until proven otherwise.
      This is the third police enquiry into events at Elm Guest House and is probably the last chance to bring any living perpertrators to account and give victims/survivors the recognition and justice they deserve.
      I am still concerned that journalists appear to be behind the bloggers in their knowledge of this case http://www.madlands.co.uk/exaro-the-mirror-miss-the-story/.

  3. Michael

    I guess if you had a nationally co-ordinated investigation into paedophilia you’d probably find that half the government are paedophiles.

    • rainbowsophie

      Exactly !! Trouble is why don’t the other half actually have the guts to do something more about it. Why don’t they stand shoulder to shoulder with Tom Watson and show him some concerted support. No they can’t ALL be Paedophiles by the law of averages, and some HAVE to be solid, upright and hardworking MP’s who have their countries interest at heart. A lot of these will have children of their own, so why oh why haven’t they got the ‘Cajones’ to do something about this appalling situation !!!

      • ‘solid, upright and hardworking MP’s who have their countries interest at heart.’ ? Sophie, may I remind you of the recent expenses scandal? There may be some MPs who are ‘solid, upright and hardworking’, but I’m guessing they’re usually in that state in hotel rooms, dungeons, brothels and rape-cellars…if they’re not too busy taking back-handers, ‘hospitality’ and insider deal info from lobbyists, ‘donors’, think-tanks and corporations that is…

      • rainbowsophie

        I did say some Incubus! I just refuse to believe that there are not some out of 649 odd MP’s who do uphold the law. Surely they can’t ALL be rotten to the core! Surely ????

      • alan b'stard M P

        well, some may have abused public funds, and some may have a mistress and all the paedos do is say they will tell all if they support Watson

        Remember, a couple of years ago, the Commons, both sides of politics, supported lowering the age of consent for males and threatened to use the parliament Act against the Lods if the latter blocked it


        Now ask yerself, why would they do this?

        Where the fuck is Guy Fawkes?

      • alanbstardmp

        “The House of Lords yesterday spoke up on an all-party basis in a non partisan manner, for the mainstream of British opinion.

        “The government are right to take notice.”

        Shadow education secretary Theresa May called the defeat “a victory for commonsense” and urged the government not bring back the legislation

        * * * * * * *

        This is why society should never lose the Lords. Were women asked, sisters, mothers. Were fathers asked. NO! Where was your outrage when these Tatchell lovers were stealing your boys? Where were the demos in the streets?

        Too frightened of being called ” homophobes “? You all have your priorities wrong. Instead of marching in the streets, you rant shite on a blog


    • alanbstardmp

      yes and also in the clerics, including Islam and Judaism, and show biz & media. Influencial people looking after each other

    • alanbstardmp

      yes and many are private boarders at school. No females around

  4. cantankerous

    Is it just me or is any one else starting to get suspicious regarding the role of Exaro in all this. Their mission statement “Holding Power to account” is admirable but when confronted with the Elm Guest house case which could be the biggest story for many years they start to cast the net much wider making freedon of information requests to 43 police forces are they deliberately muddying the water ?
    The Exaro journalist Mark Conrad is credited with this part of the investigation with the Sun. But what of Exaro reporter David Hencke he was Westminster correspondent for the Guardian from 1986 until 2009, he must be well up on where all the bodies are buried, he broke the cash for questions story and also the story regarding Peter Mandelsohn’s dodgy loans which led to his resignation.http://davidhencke.wordpress.com/
    Is this story potentially too big to be investigated.

    Both journalists have close links to the Guardian newspaper Hencke worked for them for 35 years. Am I being paranoid ? We are all familiar with the guardian line on paedophilia. http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=guardian%20bringing%20dark%20desires&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CC8QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.guardian.co.uk%2Fsociety%2F2013%2Fjan%2F03%2Fpaedophilia-bringing-dark-desires-light&ei=aWcCUYCIEuqh0QXTzYDgCg&usg=AFQjCNEI5-M1Zhy_9Sh8_U0UANf62MhQsg