The Needle Recommends…….

That you either follow Murun Buchstansangur on Twitter, or if like me you are not on Twitter, that you bookmark this link –Murun Buchstansangur .

The Needle particularly recommends that you check out the images of newspapers from the early 1980s that Murun Buchstansangur is unearthing.

The Needle would also like to take this opportunity of thanking Murun Buchstansangur for all the good work that he is doing right now.



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2 responses to “The Needle Recommends…….

  1. Good to see that this is not going away. There some really dark secrets to be unearthed here…. Without a doubt!

  2. cantankerous

    From what I have seen Murun has been tweeting these articles to Tom Watson so hopefully all this research will aid him in the superhuman battle he will be having to keep this issue alive and not buried as it has been on previous occasions.

    A couple of your links aren’t working.