Poll: Name The Paedophile In Thatcher’s Cabinet ?


From 1982

I’ve been as responsible as I possibly can but I’m fast approaching my publish and be damned moment. Absolute silence from the MSM and no arrests as far as I’ve heard.

So, I’m going to do a poll and you can decide.


Not that you don’t already know who it is.


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61 responses to “Poll: Name The Paedophile In Thatcher’s Cabinet ?

  1. Principle

    The ” Mainstream Media ” are Part of the Problem as with those
    who Sheepishly Follow along with them

  2. I am Zen.

    Google connected me here, due to comment by David, above.

    The first victim was ready to speak,
    so a rushed Kangaroo Court was assembled.

    More details:-

    The system has revealed The Truth of What It is,
    by it’s lies.

    The question now,
    is are The People going to remain silent,
    and not make the solicitor’s name known to everyone.

    His name is on my Facebook.

    He was warned in July by email of my coming,
    yet no injunction came my way,
    saving said solicitor
    from needing to swear on Oath
    that my allegations are untrue.

    Nor did police advance him against me,
    preferring two legal secretaries in his employ,
    who pretended to be so in fear of me,
    I was prevented from cross-examining them
    upon their play-acting.

    I will be arrested for non-payment of fine,
    and I will be jailed,
    where I will neither eat nor drink.

    I am willing to die.

    If you want to help,
    visit my Facebook,
    get the solicitor’s name,
    and the anagram of his name,
    and spread it far and wide.

  3. Cricket, LB likes a bit of young bum, what next.

  4. norman

    a plant, even

  5. norman

    i said once before, david sounds a lot like callie. i think callie is plant.

  6. alan b'stard M P

    one way is not to name the paedos, but attack, name and concentrate on those that stood by and did nothing, like Janet Street-Porter, and people in her position. Shame these people in a blog. State their credibility in anything they’ve said is questionable due to their cowardice & dishonesty. They are as bad as the molesters. They are molester enablers

    Arrange for an interview for the blog. Maybe if they break, further evidence will be forthcoming to a blogger by these people who will speak quietly to a blogger, or openly, not much chance of the latter

    To get the molesters, start harrassing those that protected them first



    • alan b'stard M P

      David, yes you are right. Evidence means everything. Give Gojam a little time. He is entitled to that, and he may be right

      Meanwhile, here’s a little light reading for you. Mainly facts here from the greatest blogger in history IMHO. Not about child molesters but the failure of the multicult & the PC brigade. Questions answered & truths told

      32 million hits a month


      • Oh no! it’s the jooooooows what did done it all! Pathetic White Supremicist rubbish.’BooHoo I’m part of an endangered species’! CLASSIC TROLLING SHITE. Nothing to do with this thread.

  9. Gojam, I do not say put up or shut up; I say SHUT UP. There are guys with something of substance to say. Child sex abuse is an important issue; your involvement is crass and cheap and Hollywood.

    • I have no monopoly on the internet.

      I really don’t understand why you’re so angry.

      • Ii am angry quite simply because stupid people like you can make accusations against people without REAL evidence. Chris Spivrey, The Slog, You, all of you are chea pand stupid assholes – serious issuje, child sex abuse, and assholes like you get involved – fuck off with your annoucements about LB..

  10. incubublog ( if I have it right, deviants are tricky people| is a guy who portrays vaginas on his site and believes in things other than the norm – like ……

  11. Chris Spivey is now requesting money, the slog continues to talk of advanced economic theory (when we all know that 2 plus 2 makes 4). You guys should get lives – BULLSHIT and.fantasy.

    • You guys ?

      Why do you stress yourself about what a ‘fringe’ blogger like myself has to say, get a life.

      Write a letter to The Times!

      • Gosh, somebody is in a bad mood! I fail to see that a lack of understanding of ‘advanced economic theory’ should mean the need to ‘get a life’ and begs the question that you need to too, since you’re spending time reading the ‘bullshit’!

        Gojam old chap, my recommendation; Nuke the Trolls! It’s not censorship, more like asking a rude guest to leave your home- and they are entering it, through that screen you’re looking at now…

      • Gojam (that is your name?) What evidence have you against LB? Provide it and your sources. You call yourself a “fringe blogger”, from that am I to deduce that your evidence is of a fringe nature?

      • LB ?

        Is this code ?

        Remember always that anyone who I accuse has the right to meet me face to face in a civil court. I am not above the law. Given the choice between my anonymity and my honour I will always choose my honour. If I name then I will personally face the consequences.

        Understand that.

    • alan b'stard M P

      Spivey is a goose, and now wants money LOL. Good humour writer but light on serious facts

      Spivey is

    • alan b'stard M P

      True David, but among the bullshit, if you look hard enough, is some truth. Where there is smoke there is fire kind of thing. So David, serious bloggers can be a Godsend

  12. Fewer than 500 have voted, that is less than the number who congregate for the earwig copulation festival at Accrington..

    • I’ve never been to the earwig copulation festival at Accrington.

      Democracy is democracy. I’ve had almost a third of a million hits this month. I can’t expect everyone to vote.Many will ‘abstain’ or as I believe the politicos will say, will be ‘apathetic’

      I’ll abide by the majority view. If you disagree then get your ‘friends’ to vote against. I’ll abide by that.

      There are many local councillors who have gained power with far less votes than that.

  13. rainbowsophie

    Of course he may also have a ‘heart attack’ by Sunday, in which case it will be Savile and Smith all over again. There will all-sorts crawling out of the woodwork then :)

    • I don’t think ‘#L**n Br*tt*n ‘ would work, as I’m sure the ‘British Lion’s’ solicitors would use the ‘imputation’ bit of the defamation act. Yes, there could be a nasty ‘accident’ or ‘suiciding’, or two, in the offing…

      • alan b'stard M P

        actually, he’s a Lithuanian Lion and a Lion of Judah if you wish to be accurate

      • Yeah that’s right, it’s all an issue of race isn’t it, ‘all paedophiles are jewish’, if not that then ‘white jews’ or infected with the ‘jewish spirit’. You really are a Cock of the first order. Racial scapegoating with the aim of putting people of the trail, divert them into bullshit anti-semitism. Oh, and btw I think Zionism is a form of fascism, but unlike you nazi-boy I don’t hate people on the basis of their race, just their actions.

      • alanbstardmp

        now now naughty naughty

      • Is that the all you got? Taxing your Aryan brain too much, ya sockpuppet ? No wonder conviction rates for sexual offences are so low if you’re the best the Old Bill can field (allegedly). Trolls – as easy to spot as plainclothes coppers or mystery shoppers.

      • alanbstardmp

        your attitude is not helping young victims of crime

  14. rainbowsophie

    What would happen if everybody just sent out Blank Tweets with (Hashtag) #L**n Br*tt*n appended? (But with the full name!)
    No-one could be accused of actually doing anything, but it might make him trend and then the Sheeple may Google him to find out more?

    • alan b'stard M P

      that;s the best idea so far. If one has the evidence, display it. A mass blogging and twitter is the way to go, and when and if something happens and the offender is exposed and dealt with, then the original blogger can take the credit

      Until then, safety in numbers

  15. Earlier this week I made reference to a parochial case (in Plymouth) relating to allegations of a “professional” sexually abusing weak and vulnerable clients. A guy with the twitter name of “zen zen” paraded the streets (of Plymouth) with a placard making explicit allegations against said professional. No way of knowing if allegations are accurate, but if they are then “zen zen” is a hero. However “zen zen” has now been before a court of law and fined for public order offences.
    How sure are you of your facts with regards to former Tory Minister? If you are sure of your facts, it is your decision to go ahead and name him in the manner that “zen zen” named the professional in Plymouth – it would be wrong (and craven) for others to incite you. If you are determined to go ahead, why not contact other bloggers and make it a mass naming – safety in numbers, and greater impact.

  16. Cuntface

    i’m teribbly sorry I’m a newbie/ignoramus but WHERE would you name him?

  17. Cuntface

    What about a media outlet/publication geographically located outside UK/USA/EU and specificaly NOT subject to their laws… is that useful? With a lot of trouble I could possibly arrange it. And anyone know, is there any specific advantage in publishing/defaming in Switzerland/Norway rather than her etc?

    • alan b'stard M P

      USA is the best due to their written constitutional 1st amendment on free speech. It’s typical and legal for journalists to publicly mouth off over matters before court

      • alan b'stard M P

        further to above, or those even suspected of an offence. So get a US blogger to announce anything about the Lithuanian lot lion

  18. Cuntface

    Cross-contamination of memory-only evidence etc blah blah bollox (if this blog is considered a blah blah blah)
    Surely someone has the nouse to point these extremely basic points out. If they are mistaken, -Fine! -Tell us so!
    An Elm house article appeared on the bbc website for 1 day and then disapeared.. for ever? and counting.

  19. P

    Not being a conspiracy theorist by nature is not the silence of the MSM to do with ensuring a fair trial for those who do get prosecuted?

    • You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to realise that this has been covered up by the police, the security services, and governments for the last 30 years.

      What makes you think this time is different ?

      I no longer believe that this man will be charged and in the absence of law there remains only justice.

      • A Nigerian co-worker of mine tells me the community solution to such things in Nigeria ( i.e.- a legal system and police that cannot be trusted) is to kill or castrate the offender in the street- and this is where we’ll be headed if the deeply stupid Establishment doesn’t ‘clean its own house’…

      • I fear you may be right incubus

      • alan b'stard M P

        They also reinstated the death penalty for poofs there and the UN ha a hell of a time getting them to revoke it. They also use Hyenas and baboons on those that can’t pay debt

        Your friend sounds no different

      • cantankerous

        You forgot the press they are also complicit !

    • nuggy

      since when have msm cared about anyone getting a fair trial.

      not that cant be the reason.

      • Cuntface

        You will prejudice any possible ACTUAL legal proceedings, deplete the courts valuation of those sources in a future trial, etc-or did I misunderstand that stuff?

      • alan b'stard M P

        that’s the important thing. If you announce someone as an offender, then it will be thrown out in court as the law will say, rightly, the jury will have members in it that will be influenced by what they read

        However, after 30 odd years of these bastards getting off and never reaching court, and the evidence is really there, then publish

  20. The ‘British Lion’ will not expose itself unneccesarily, and certainly not without some hard prodding…

  21. norman

    by the way, shouldn’t that read peadophiles?

    • Yes, though I only intend to name one this Sunday, if the poll indicates that a majority wish it.

      • alan b'stard M P

        Be careful. For your own legal protection, make sure you have evidence so you are well armed in case of legal action against you

        If you have the evidence, then publish

  22. nuggy

    i don’t think the msm are silent out of fear of libel suits or injunctions i think there silent because some of them have there skeletons in the cupboard.

    • norman

      i think they are state run and can only report the state line.many instances including their ridiculous 7/7 lies to name but one.

  23. cantankerous

    BY SUNDAY !!! There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell they will have arrested said minister by the weekend. This is a war of attrition and will stretch into months if not years. If you do name the horrible toad like man he will ignore it in the same way mcalpine/laud and the rest ignored scallywag. It was only when the “respectable” BBC insinuated that Mcalpine was an abuser that he took legal action. The cosetted elite rest easy in the belief that the alternative media peddles falsehoods and rumour.

    The key to unlocking all of this is put the msm under pressure, I call on everyone to tweet main stream journalists and ask why they are not covering Op Fernbridge. The BBC news journalists can hide in their bomb proof news bunker but can they resist an avalanche of tweets asking why they are not tackling one of the greatest outrages of our time.

    • gus brown

      you are completely right when you ask why is the msm not reporting Op Fernbridge – surely they must be one honest journo who has a pair out there?

  24. not the dreadful jew again is it?

    Does it make any difference? business as usual for msm and witchcraft. Nevertheless, we have to live in hope. Godbless you

  25. Enna

    Unfortunately until the MSM have the courage and honesty to publish names, the sheeple population will not believe it, or wake up to the truth. You on the other hand, have the courage, decency and desire for the truth to come out but you will be publishing to those of us who are already aware and awake.