Elm Guest House: Mind Map

This is a first draft and may be subject to minor changes. It shows the relationships between some of those involved in the Elm Guest House scandal.

This schematic is the work of a team working together on David Icke’s Forum




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4 responses to “Elm Guest House: Mind Map

  1. fred

    first, thank you for your blog. can I ask : the surname’s within the schematic are those of the visitors/adults yes,? Is there more info on the who the surnames actually belong too? I looked at the forum but being new to that I find it a little hard to follow.

  2. Hi fred,

    I’ve really gone as far as I can with this, this is part of an ongoing police investigation and I understand some arrests will be made soon. The information I’ve posted is in the public domain and I’ve had no email request to take this info off the blog.

    I can tell you that Naismith, who is dead, is this man – https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/naming-the-dead-part-3/

    There will be another schematic up today, (hopefully).

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