The Mysterious Death Of Andrew Keir

Of all the things that I’ve read over the last couple of months these notes from the Mary Moss documents left me the most angry-

“Visit to home of X, also present X and X. Both boys currently in the care of Hounslow.

Systematically buggered by Kier and other older boys. Too frightened to complain. Introduced to Haddon by Keir. He used to ring & tell them were (sic) to go to pick them up and take to mens homes. Confirmed MP ?, Chris & Peter both policemen, also another man called Blackman (something at Scotland Yard).

Used to go to parties. Confirmed allegations that L B****** (sic) there, also others including a judge (name not known). {This bit crossed out – confirmed buggery of 15 year old by B****** (sic)}. He also visited a house in Hull St.

It conveys to some degree the terror that the victims must have felt at the time.

Now, I’m pretty sure that this is Mr Keir, Mr Andrew Keir-

A man who was to face trial over a series of rape, sex abuse, and assault accusations in Tayside and London has been found dead, it has emerged.

The body of Andrew Keir, 54, from Dundee, was discovered by a roadside in Angus on Friday.

Police have said there are no suspicious circumstances.


Now, there are a few things I want to tell readers of this blog , and for some who are just coming to terms with the fact that there was a large establishment paedophile ring operating in London during the late 1970s early 1980s, it will seem incredible. You might be inclined to dismiss what I have to tell you as conspiracy theory.

The events that took place at Elm Guest House are only a very small part of this story, a small part chronologically and geographically.

This is NOT just about the sexual abuse of children, it also about child pornography, child prostitution, child trafficking, and the murder for sexual gratification, profit, and expediency of children. It should be becoming clear to anyone who is taking an interest that what is being revealed is very highly organised.


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  1. l8in

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  2. Joe

    No one should doubt for a moment that these ‘elite’ pedophile rings are still very much active and the government is still very much covering it up.

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  4. Dr Tig

    Yes I have come to that conclusion from a month of researching this area – the more you find out the more there is to find out. A bit like quantum physics – the more you know the less you realise you know. I do believe this is the most serious opportunity for a better world that will occur in our live times but we have a massive mountain in front – but we will do it together – we just have to get the other 99% of the population to care – loads of brave and inspirational people around xx

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  6. ‘murder for sexual gratification’ -makes me think of the notorious French aristo, Gilles de Rais, the original ‘Bluebeard’- he fought alongside Joan of Arc in her battles with the English invaders, and so was ABOVE SUSPICION, except for the little boys and girls he abducted from the villages within his estates…Until a servant, I think, blew the whistle. He had a castle tower filled the bones of hundreds of victims, whom he’d cut the throats of, as he simultaneously raped them. He was executed.This was back in the 1400s, but there’s always a lesson to be learned from history…

  7. “Some stories in this area can end up being untrue.But I am not publishing all I already know at this stage ( particularly now it is a criminal investigation) and sadly I fear it may well prove to be true” – David Henke of Exaro.
    Personally I take notice of, and give credence to, people like Henke and the Exaro web site. It is a shame that so many blogs produce stuff of a dubious nature, and from dubious sources.

  8. rainbowsophie

    Interesting…. neither of these reports mention exactly ‘how’ he apparently committed suicide? Another ‘cut and dried, nothing to see here move along’ type of case, of which there have been so many. It’s when you put them all together that you start to smell a very, very big rat !!

    • Sam Brown

      Shot himself – apparently on a deserted road side surrounded by fields – very convenient not only for him not to face trial but for the ‘others’ involved..

  9. A.J.Skinner

    Long time reader, first comment, hello.

    There’s a “Mr Keir” in the magic circle affair report (part 16)
    Childrens home connection too, and a potential mystery surrounding his acquittal.

  10. cantankerous

    Hi gojam link to daily record article doesn’t work. Wanted see date on article, recent ?

    • Sorry about that.

      I’ve changed the link to a BBC article from 2009.

      • pappa smurf

        Not the same kier.Neil kier and Andrew keir . You are all getting mixed up with this.
        Also Mary Moss the boys abused by keir were in the care of Hounslow.

      • I’m not getting mixed up.

        This article is from Jan 19th.

        I quickly found out the truth but I decided not to publicly correct this article. I had my reasons for doing that. If you read the latest article and read the comments you’ll see I’m not mixed up.

    • Pappa Smurf,

      Grafton was run by Richmond and Hounslow ?

      Or run by Hounslow and Richmond council sent children there ?

      Or originally run by Richmond and then run by Hounslow.

      I’ve checked some online sources and Grafton is referred as both Richmond and Hounslow.

      Now that is something I’m suddenly mixed up on :-)

      Do you want to email me and put me straight ?

  11. alan b'stard M P

    and don’t type in shorthand if you wish to be clearly understood. Where are the police in all this. Are they aware of it? Any action

  12. alan b'stard M P

    careful about the murder bit. Of course there are conspiracies. Conspiracies by two or more people to commit these heinous crimes