The Secret State.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. – Corinthians 13:11

What kind of country do we really live in ?

At the beginning of each year it publishes government papers which have been kept secret for the past 30 years – under the UK’s “30 year rule”…….

………..If a record is judged too sensitive by a government department then it can apply to “extend closure” until 40, 75 or even 100 years have passed.



A DA-Notice or Defence Advisory Notice (called a Defence Notice or D-Notice until 1993) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security.



Why is it that in a supposedly free and democratic country, the government  can decide what you can and can not know ? In fact, is it even possible for a democratic electorate to make an informed choice about who should represent them if they are consistently and systematically denied the information they need to make such an informed decision ? And if the answer is ‘no’ to that last question then, do we really live in a real democracy, or are we really just deluding ourselves that we do ?

Some will automatically respond, as if they’ve been conditioned all their lives to respond, that ‘we’ collectively need state secrets, that ‘our’ collective national security depends on the government’s ability to limit the information that ‘we’ collectively have access to.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – Who will guard the guards themselves?

Let’s look at the example of Sir Cyril Smith, other examples will be forthcoming soon enough, but let’s look at this example. In what way was ‘our’ collected national security protected by the security services when they covered up this politicians systematic  abuse of children ?

You may, if you live in Rochdale, have even voted for him, were you in the position to make an informed choice ? I somehow doubt that he would have been elected if it was commonly known that he sexually abused young boys – if this is democracy then it’s the democratic choice of the sheep to be herded into a pen.

The answer, of course is that Sir Cyril Smith was not alone, and that if he was exposed for the child abuser he was then others would be too, and that this would undermine the present aristocratic/oligarchic political system which masquerades as democracy. National security, when used in these circumstances, has nothing to do with ‘our’ collective security, it in fact is just a cover for sustaining the power of the wealthy and privileged.

If perpetuating and covering up systemic child abuse is essential to this state’s security, then I say that this is not a state that deserves to be secure, it is certainly not a state that I wish to live in.

But then there is the freedom of the press. We are hearing a great deal about this recently because all the press and all the crony politicians are taking every opportunity to tell the general public that freedom of the press is essential because they feel threatened by the possible restrictions which might be imposed on them following the Leveson Enquiry.

I’d be more sympathetic to the whinging from the MSM on this topic if there was such a thing as a ‘free press’ in this country. How can there be a free press in a secret state ? How can there be a free press when the most egregious crimes have been committed against the most vulnerable in our society and it passes without comment ? A free press is yet another delusion that we need to divest ourselves of, there is no such thing. If the press aren’t complicit in their silence imposed on them by the establishment then they are motivated by the financial interests of their proprietors. There is no political affiliation, no ideology, or even principle, there is only the desire on behalf of the most powerful in society to reap the further financial rewards of  political patronage.

Only on the internet is there any true democracy, you don’t have to visit this blog. Only on the internet is there any real meritocracy, if you didn’t find this blog interesting then you’d soon stop coming. Only on the internet is there any semblance of a free press, no wealthy MSM proprietor would allow these remarks to be published.

And why ? Because the internet is essentially Stateless and without borders.


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  1. concerned reader

    Hi Gojam – hope you don’t mind me commenting here.. Please do feel free to delete them otherwise or anyway.

    Just wanted to point out that if you were to cover it is interesting to note the comment at: which, *if* “R. Mauger, Grouville” is convict Ralph Mauger of Grouville, shows actual evidence that at least some fairly plausible sounding online poo-poo-ing of claims about Jersey might be motivated differently than it would first appear.

  2. concerned reader

    Hi gojam, not sure if any use, but re: your recent post on rawro, I did notice this:

    • Thank you.

      Obviously, this is the first time I’ve read this. If you have any guidance I’d be very grateful.

      Capt Michael Stuart Rowe bsc (Bachelor of Science) born 1943

      Are these titles real ?

      • concerned reader

        Hi, that is all I have, I’m afraid – I just noticed it while googling a name from your post that I mentioned. I thought it was worth putting up since “Capt” Rinehart and Capt. Rowe would be a bit of a coincidence.

        In fact I hadn’t spotted the abuse claim in your longer excerpt! These claims are everywhere, it seems!

    • I suppose you don’t have a contact number for a family member. I’m really starting to feel for them. Looks like the lawyers got the lot. Looks like simple vindictiveness.

      • “The accusations of fraud made against him he does not need and he is not going to tolerate. He told us that, although he could not disclose his rank or where it had happened, he had been to countries where law and order had broken down.”

        “The last thing I want to do is take action against a sick old man, my father, but why would he want to take action against me? He sexually abused me from the age of 8 so I fell into the hands of a paedophile ring. He and I therefore have scores to settle.”

        “Taking all these competing submissions into account and reminding myself of the comparatively heavy burden which lies upon the Attorney-General in relation to an application of this kind, I am satisfied that the history of the litigation to which I have sought summarily to refer demonstrates that the respondent has habitually, persistently and without any reasonable ground instituted vexatious civil proceedings in the High Court and in an inferior court. For my part, I would make the order which the Attorney-General seeks.”

        “MR KOVATS: My Lord, just two short points: firstly, your Lordship referred to the letter of 28th January 1990 written by Mr Rinehart to the court. My Lord, due to lack of clarity on my part I did not make it clear that this is not a case of Mr Rinehart or Mr Rowe passing himself off as Mr Rinehart they are, in fact, the same person. The passing off was pretending to be two different people and arising out of that I would ask that when the order is drawn up in this case it does refer on its face to the fact that Mr Rowe is also as known as Mr Rinehart.”

  3. They have for decades used National Security to cover-up for elite child abusers but spys like Andrea Davison who expose child abuse are set-up and prosecuted in open Court. . And real campaigners like Mary Moss are subjected to dawn raids and have their evidence and computers removed by the Police. Both these women have evidence against the Police ?? Help Mary Moss and sign her petition to support Child Abuse Survivors give evidence

  4. Goforgold

    We know what goes on and so why do we just sit back and let it happen. My only concern is, would things be any different whoever gets into any sort of position of power. Doesn’t power in the end corrupt most people?

  5. Callie

    ‘The DA Notice System. During the last 6 months the Secretary had responded to 22 enquiries about the workings of the DA Notice System: from the media themselves, officials, academics, fringe organisations and members of the public. Enquiries concerned ‘D Notices’ allegedly issued about records of the trial of Dr Stephen Ward in 1963, to block publicity on Government financial support to the National Coal Board during privatisation and coverage of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. More recently, the Secretary had been asked how many ‘D Notices’ had been issued to the BBC between August 2011-12 and whether there were any ‘D Notice’ restrictions on the reporting of the murders of the Al Hilli family. These and several other requests showed how little the DA Notice System, its span of oversight and workings were understood by the general public.’

    • Bobindubai

      Cyril Smith, Jimmy Saville, Jeremy Thorpe, Simon Cowell, Leon Brittan, Mandy, Tony Blair, Rowan Williams andonandonandonl? Creeps. Its kinda simple. If they appear creeps you can be sure they are creeps. Its not too difficult. “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”.

    • Romford Dave

      Here’s a long and interesting read (well at least I thought so) garnered from the link Callie provided, which acknowledges, amongst other things, the power of the internet and the blogs found on it.

      It’s by a Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance, the Secretary of the commission, obviously old school but refreshingly honest given the subject matter. No doubt some would see him as a puppet of the elite, if he is he deserves the goldenest globe of golden globes for puppetry skills par excellance.

      So there you have it Gojam, tacit approval from the establishment to continue with your unearthing of missing jigsaw pieces as they realise the secrecy v security game is lost in the longer term.

      Of course if you’re caught, they’ll deny you ever existed……….

  6. Callie

    A D notice is advisory only. It is not enforceable in law. If a media outlet thinks that something is good enough to print, and in their interests to do so, then they can – and hopefully they will.
    In addition, the matters covered by a D notice are limited, having been reduced in scope at the end of the Cold War. They are largely to do with military, intelligence and ‘sensitive installations’. Anyone can look up this information for themselves and find out the truth of the matter, there is no need to be constantly weighed down with imaginary foes and difficulties.

    • Was the link I provided misleading in this respect ?

    • alan b'stard M P

      well if it’s not enforceable then it’s up to Scotland yard to do something about it. Sad not, it would appear

    • rainbowsophie

      So as I understand it – “anyone can ‘look up’ this information for themselves”. Is that information as to how D-Notices work, or the D-Notices content itself. If the former then that is surely ‘going round in circles’ if the latter then Gojam what are you waiting for !!! Operation Ore awaits.

  7. Claire

    Good post.
    ”If perpetuating and covering up systemic child abuse is essential to this state’s security, then I say that this is not a state that deserves to be secure, it is certainly not a state that I wish to live in.”

    One word, blackmail.

    This is the real reason child abuse and their abusers are both tolerated and protected at the top. The intelligence services use it as their number one tool (nothing more socially and morally abhorrent) of wielding power over others for the establishment. It’s not about national security, it’s about money and power. It all bores deeply into the bedrock of the feudal system. It’s used internationally also.

    It’s evident in the numbers of alleged MI5/6 officers being present at the abuse in the childrens’ homes. Filming, photography, blackmail. The Queen was aware Anthony Blunt was a spy years before stripping him of his knighthood.

    Should we have to live with this? No.
    Should it be an acceptable tool to use in the publics ‘interest’? No
    Is harming one child worth it? No.
    Is it repugnant and morally reprehensible? yes.
    What power do we have to stop it? People power.

    We have to show them we wont tolerate it, expose the elite abusers and bring them to justice, or the UK will descend into anarchy.

    • rainbowsophie

      A most cogent and perceptive summation, Claire, you have hit the nail on the proverbial………… Thank You

    • alan b'stard M P

      it is well known and officially recorded, that prior to homosexuality being legalized, the Soviets approached university students like Blunt & others, heading for civil service posts after Uni and told them ” We know what you are “, so that is why many Soviet spies were poofs

      Alan Turing suicided over it and he was one of our codebreakers, although not a spy for ” them “

  8. alan b'stard M P

    you get what you vote for plain and simple. There are others, like UKIP & BNP. Vote for them, and I don’t give a monkeys if they are racist or homophobes

    You think non Anglo nations bother with this PC crap?