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David Cameron today defended his pre-Christmas meeting with Rebekah Brooks as ‘no big deal’.

The Prime Minister and the ex-News of the World editor were said have had an ‘intense’ conversation at a party near his Oxfordshire home.

Mrs Brooks, who resigned as chief executive of News International at the height of the phone-hacking scandal, faces three sets of charges linked to her time at Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

David Cameron played down the festive chat he had with old friend Rebekah Brooks who he used to text using ‘LOL’ as a sign-off……

……It emerged that Mr Cameron had met his old friend at a pre-Christmas party organised by Tom Astor, great-grandson of the American heiress Nancy Astor.

The bash was held in Chipping Norton in Mr Cameron’s constituency on December 15………..

……..But today the PM, who has been criticised for his close relationship with Murdoch executives, played down the significance of his festive conversation with Mrs Brooks.

Reports of the conversation with Mrs Brooks raised questions about the PM’s judgement at a time when he is grappling with how to regulate the press.

But Mr Cameron swept the criticism away, insisting he was ‘very focused on the job I do’.

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“But Mr Cameron swept the criticism away, insisting he was ‘very focused on the job‘”. – But what kind of ‘job’ was he very focused on ?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea, if the PM really wanted to put the rumours to bed, if he released all the personal texts between himself and Rebekah Brooks ?

Just a thought………………

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  1. Ah, Nancy Astor, first woman MP and arch-appeaser and admirer of a certain Adolf Hitler…