Op Yewtree: Rolf Harris Spends Christmas At The Priory


The Daily Mail have reported that the former TV children’s presenter, in his 80s who lives in Berkshire and was questioned under caution for sexual offences in a South London Police Station last November (Rolf Harris) has spent Christmas in The Priory, a private ‘psychiatric’ clinic for the rich and famous.

They also report that he had been arrested but not charged, whereas I have only ever written that he had had his home searched and that he was questioned under caution.

A former children’s TV presenter arrested by Jimmy Savile sex probe detectives has spent Christmas at a private psychiatric clinic, it was reported today.

The unnamed man, who is in his 80s, is understood to be staying at a Priory clinic after suffering from stress, reported the Sunday People.

The presenter, who can not be named for legal reasons, is thought to be suicidal and receiving round-the-clock care.

It is thought he was admitted to the private mental health hospital, which charges up to £7,000 a week for care, before the festive celebrations.

In November the presenter, from Berkshire, attended a south London station by appointment and was questioned for around five hours on suspicion of sexual offences and has not been charged.

Daily Mail


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31 responses to “Op Yewtree: Rolf Harris Spends Christmas At The Priory

  1. Nigel

    Well Old Rolf. Is back in court again. Filthy pervert! Daughter Bindi not in evidence this time. Both she and his foolish wife made fools of themselves last time. Bindi seems to support him as by him being deemed inoccent it would preserve her inheritance! Why does his wife not divorce him? She would get a good settlement and look less foolish.

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  3. well he has been found guilty and sentenced to 5 years – I think everyone is shocked that he came across as being so nice and all the time he had a dark side to him – very sad for all concerned – mostly the victims.

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  5. Jolly Swagman

    Trial in May? It’s now 19 June, and nothing’s happened.

  6. Jazzy

    I was lucky enough to grow up knowing Rolf and his family as the wonderful talented, artistic people that they all are. Rolf didn’t “run away” from Australia..it was simply the “right of passage” for Aussies of his era. My mother travelled at the same time as Rolf, and they had a ball in London, being there for the Coronation and simply enjoying being creative, in a city where creativity was valued and appreciated. People need to just live with the notion of “innocent until proven guilty”? There is no need for people to be abusive about whether Australia is a pleasant place to live or not…from my perspective the less Poms here the Better!!! lol

  7. LF

    Before you all spout off about Rolf being so wonderful,I’d wait and see what comes out at the trial in May.Many of us have known saints only to find out years later they were great sinners.

  8. Pauline

    I must say I was astonished to type “operation yewtree” and be offered the suggestion Rolf Harris. But have you noticed more than half the people accused, questioned or arrested have an OBE, CBE or MBE? I think the Queen should stop handing them out to children’s entertainers for a wee while… And middle aged men who have never married, live with their mothers and crave publicity.

  9. Phillip Wand

    Rolf Harris is a great man who can be proud of the life he has lived while you lot making snide comments are nothing and will be nothing for evermore. Your existence will have been pointless now shut up and go away

  10. Lee

    I’ve always wanted to make love to two little boys.

    But my girlfriend says that putting on a Rolf Harris CD would really kill the mood.

  11. Callie

    Spivey – the man is poison imvho.

  12. Chris 'Bea'r Brosnan

    None of you know the man in question, and as a close and personal friend of his, I will tell you straight. In the 13 years I worked with Rolf from 1997-2010 I only ever witnessed him acting in total integrity, respect and support of youth across the world, let alone the UK. None of you are privy to the facts of what’s going on, and simply based on the media circus around him, you are judging from a place where you know nothing.

    • Kerry

      well said, I hope someone tells him that most people don’t believe the crap the media spin and that newspapers are only fit for my dogs to crap on. Get well soon Rolfy you are a hero to many. There is a big difference between being questioned under caution and being released without charge and what the media are spinning this as, the police found there was no case to answer. FACT.

    • bob

      GTFO namedropper. Nobody gets arrested and questioned for 5 hours for nothing.

      • Ellie

        ‘Nobody gets arrested and questioned for 5 hours for nothing’ ? How wrong can you be?! People get questioned all the time, only for it to turn out to be nothing!

      • Ima Pseudonym

        Maybe I’ll just ring the cops up and accuse you of being a pedo, ‘bob’… then we’ll see whether they question you for five hours or not.

      • Anne Pyke

        They do in this country!

    • But isn’t that what Jimmy Savile’s apologists all said,,at first..?

  13. Lets not forget that he was only questioned under caution as would most be, irresoective of the offence involved. Regards why he left Oz, well I believe his roots are in Wales, so maybe he just wanted to ‘ come home ‘..and maybe he left Oz because it is a shit hole :-)

  14. Ben H

    Know what your saying Peter (McCabe), but in fairness he was a swimming champion – no ‘smoke’ from my spies the land of the convicts either.

  15. not one to cast the first stone but he did leave a good post in australia teaching kids to swim? and turned up in london in 1952 to start a new career in painting,did he run away from something.

  16. Anna

    Fortunate man who can afford the private fees. No risk of being abused and no Liverpool Care Pathway. Room service and dedicated medical attention. Luxury in fact. Wonder why MSM feel the need to report on him? He’s pretty inconsequential in the larger picture.
    Now that starts a train of thought………………..