Don’t Be Distracted !

The MSM are running on the BBC Savile (Pollard) Inquiry with today’s Yewtree Arrest of Ted Beston also in the news.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the MSM.

Exaro News have the really big story of the day (actually of the year). I can’t copy and paste from their website and so you’ll have to join up with their free 7 day trial, I have done that and it was very simple. Join now here –  Exaro News Website

Brief Summary

9 MPs implicated in paedophile ring along with other VIPs. 7 of those MPs are still living. Exaro know the names.

Documents identify 2 former Conservative cabinet ministers.

7 Further MPs

4 Other Tories

2 Labour

1 Liberal

1 Labour MP and Liberal have since died

Several figures with links to Right Wing Conservative Monday Club

Others include leading figure in National Front, now dead

A Sinn Fein member

2 Buckinham Palace Officials

2 Pop Stars

Some stayed under false names at guesthouse. With REAL identities shown alongside.

Against the name of one ex minister is written ”Sauna only, ‘Roger’.”

Anthony Blunt said to have used the name ‘Antony Goldstein’.

Documents identify some 16 boys recruited from local care home.

A judge, QCs, senior civil servants, bishop and a leading banker – none identified by name, are said to have taken part in a ‘Kings and Queens’ party to mark Prince Charles and Dianas wedding in 1981. The banker wore a dress and pink slippers.

Pimps and porn merchants allegedly brought in boys from various council run kids care homes, including Grafton Close.
Some boys taken to Amsterdam as prostitutes, threatened with violence if talked.
Documents were compiled by NAYPIC, over 2 years and some formed the basis of pamphlet ‘Abuse in the Care System’ based on interviews with 50 young people.
A rough note on 1 interview says ‘Visit to home of A, also present T and D. Both boys currently in the care of Hounslow. Systematically buggered by K and other older boys. Too frightened to complain.”
”Confirmed MP (name witheld by Exaro) , Chris and peter, both policemen, and a man called (name witheld) (something at Scotland Yard).”
”Used to go to parties. Confirmed allegation that (name witheld) there, also others including a judge.”
The police have asked Moss for a meeting, but she has said that she does not trust them.Moss wants to revive NAYPIC and is seeking funding, and has requested a meeting with a cabinet member. She says it would be best dealt with at a more senior level than simply being questioned by police ”who at the time were involved.”Those named in the papers were there in the early 1980’s. They include copies of pages from the diaries of the guest house, receipts, bank paying in slips, and other notes.

(Big Hat tip to Discovery77 from Ickes forum for summary)


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23 responses to “Don’t Be Distracted !

  1. Anon

    Why is Exaro withholding their names?

  2. King Kenny

    All police and politicians should disclose any involvement in free masonary.

  3. Callie

    Moss has to swallow her distaste for the police and approach the officers in charge of Fairbank. Otherwise the claims will never be substantiated. And who else is she going to speak to? If she wants to go ‘higher’ she will be speaking to the politicians, and it’s alleged they are the ones covering everything up in any case…….

  4. So the Pope thinks paedophilia is child-porn is normal? Well his predecessor did make SaVile a papal knight…

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  6. John Stephenson

    Exaro news is a paid site! I don’t bloody think so. Truth does not hide behind a firewall. Jesus. Is this whole thing just sophisticated marketing for personal gain? Are you the Exaro guy? I really thought this blog meant something, but it seems like it’s just trying to punt shit to the gullible, sadly like me. Gutted

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  8. Callie

    I’m more worried by Mary Moss, aka Jo Gavin, aka Jo Flores, than I am by Gojam. She is still saying she won’t go to the police unless she is promised a pile of funding for her pet project. I find that incredibly distasteful – if she really has this information, and it’s legit, then she should get her butt to the cops ASAP, and not sit asking for money and recognition. Chris Fay, the other person who made the allegations at Kasir’s inquest, now runs his own adoption business. Impressed? Not much, personally.
    Moss has now posted photographs on a website, of herself holding up handwritten sheets, a photo, and a load of what look like receipts. Why she chose to picture them only from the rear, so you have to read them as a mirror image, I have no idea. Why Moss supported Kasir, who was running this guest house/brothel when the abuse allegedly took place, I can’t quite fathom either.
    I’m also mystified why anyone buying the bodies of little boys would sign a receipt using their own name.Or even why they would WANT a receipt!!

    • I’m pleased you’re not worried about me Callie. :-D

      The receipts were for the rooms. I think she’s scared but I think the info is credible (obviously) and as it looks like the primary resource of Exaro a number of award winning professional journalists thought so too.

      I’ve only named the dead.

    • As to the receipt; what, you’ve never heard of the Parliamentary Expenses scandal? ‘Buggered IT’ might have been the category! lol

  9. Callie

    ”The receipts were for the rooms” EXACTLY. People who stayed in a cheap and gay-friendly guest house are now having their names plastered all over the internet, complete with phone numbers and addresses. If even the woman running the place claims not to have known it was being used as a claimed rendezvous for abuse of young boys, what about her hapless guests?
    I have just trawled my way through very many of those images and they are handwritten scrawls of names and allegations. They constitute no proof whatsoever.
    This is ugly.

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