Red Van Man

by Mam mon

Former Council Chairman  and present councillor in Menai Bridge Selwyn Williams

Former Council Chairman and present councillor in Menai Bridge Selwyn Williams

It’s only because I’ve seen him more recently since in a notorious part of our locality known as the “gay-bys” that I’ve decided to share these memories. The “gay-bys” are a couple of lay-bys/viewing points situated over looking the Menai Strait and Menai Bridge just off Britannia Bridge as you approach the Isle of Anglesey from the east. Its common knowledge among the community they are an area where one might go if one requires some male sexual satisfaction, in a hurry, a place popular for “cottaging”. I spent some time there one beautiful starry night with my camera with the intention of getting some bridge shots and witnessed at least ten men swapping cars and relieving each other. Selwyn drove a red van, a very unique red van type vehicle.
Below is former elected member John Roberts for Braint ward Llanfair PG, Anglesey. I was awarded £8,500 by the former CICB (presently CICA) for various assaults in care despite the lack of prosecutions. John Roberts was one of my assailants. Waterhouse questioned my accusations against him because of a mix up with the dates of my placement at Ty’r Felin. Even though I made the allegations in August 1991. I’ll not waste your time with the details but Gwynedd CC’s paper work was botched and compiled with the intention of diverting the details of many events thereby making it easy for someone look a tit thirty five years after the event. Anyway you know me by now, you be the judge go to 33.96. I admitted in evidence to the Inquiry that I had made a promise to him in 1992 to “be his worst nightmare”. He appeared on the front page of a regional newspaper (North Wales Daily Post) soon after  the report was published with the headline “RESIGN” (no link to be found anywhere, quite pathetic). I was asked for a comment and suggested the plaque at a local children’s nursery baring his name as the official opener be taken down and binned, I don’t know if they ever did.
Former Councillor John Robert

Former Councillor John Robert

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