Operation Yewtree: New Arrest, Man in His 60s

I’m told this will be one of two men that will be arrested this week.

I’ll have more on this as soon as I can confirm it. If a man has been arrested then his name is likely to be made public.

I’d advise people online not to speculate publicly. London is a big place and the authorities are looking for an excuse to censor the internet but as soon as I’m sure of a name I’ll publish so keep checking back.

I do have a name but only a single source and I’m not going out on a limb. If you have info that you’d like to share in confidence then email: gojam56@gmail.com

Police investigating sex abuse claims against Jimmy Savile and others have arrested a man in his 60s from London.

Scotland Yard said the man was held at 6.45am on suspicion of sexual offences and taken to a south London police station.

He was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation into allegations of sex abuse surrounding Savile and others, and falls under the strand termed “others”.

The man is the seventh person to be questioned as part of the probe and the sixth to be arrested.

Sky News


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