Rolf Harris Under Siege.

Credit must go to luv evreone and the good folks on Icke’s Forum for this find.

While the UK MSM privately criticise the alternative press for naming Rolf Harris as the man who was questioned by the police under caution for sexual crimes yesterday, they are apparently laying siege to Rolf Harris’ home in Berkshire.

A HIGH-PROFILE entertainer interviewed by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the UK continues to avoid the limelight today, dodging the large throng of largely British media camped outside his country home.

The man aged in his 80s was nowhere to be seen at his waterfront property in the Berkshire region, west of London. His partner of many years was at home with other relatives including a man believed to be his son-in-law but both declined to comment.

Giant TV broadcast vans with roof-top satellite dishes and a number of Fleet Street photographers have clogged the small laneway outside the star’s home. The attention prompted a number of police to patrol the laneway a number of times during the day. With sub zero temperatures in the area, many media remain in their cars with heaters on prompting locals to complain about the constant car engine drones.

Herald Sun

So, I hope those esteemed organs won’t be taking the ‘moral high ground’ against the Tweeters and the Bloggers.

You may not have named Rolf Harris as I have but I’ve not laid siege to his home.

“When Adam delved and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman?” – John Ball


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20 responses to “Rolf Harris Under Siege.

  1. james

    Motherweel I’m not feeling very well educated at this sad moment of my heatbreaking homeless life time that I spend pounding these dull lamp post bar streets of Glasgows Toughest Housing Schemes of Europe looking for a way out the scheeming devil advocate system of perverts and theres a dullmoment when i’m eeling lousy

  2. james

    Jimmy’s just the tip of the iceberg that’s on a paedophile melt down especially in the whore house of lords who turn a blind masonic eye to the Sir Cyril Smith Paedophile Polititcians

  3. james

    Sir Jimmy Savile was Masonic Templar knight of the highest Orange Order

  4. peter Phipps

    How do I moderate this?
    Was Jimmie Saville a Mason. perhaps someone could answer this simple proposition

  5. peter Phipps

    Query, Was J Saville a Mason

  6. I bet everyone posting online about who “might” have done what would be upset if “they” had “their” name bandied about as a “possible” child abuser ! Who made people like Derren Hinch judge jury and executioner. The man never seems to stop and think of the implications. He wasn’t there and doesn’t know what went on “apart” from what he has “heard” ! Life is being “Photoshopped” by people with their own agendas so people don’t know what is real or fake until investigations are completed !

  7. Marina O'Brien

    I look forward to the day they invent some type of implant for Paedpphiles that renders them incapable of any kind of sexual or violent urge. Just imagine a world without this type of evil…….

  8. Anna

    And as a post script. When a baby or child is used sexually by another person it is NEVER the fault of a baby or child. I just do not understand people who have any sympathy for any Pedophile. No matter who they are, how much money they are worth or who they know.
    Pedophiles are scum for even thinking of touching a child or a baby.
    And a child is anyone under the age of consent.
    No child ever deserves such abuse.
    And remember pedophiles stick together like glue. Once one gets into a position of power they start supporting, recommending and promoting their own. So they become an evil cancer. Be it in the Church, in Sport, in Schools, in organizations, in business, in charities and in the government. They protect their own.
    Pedophiles need to be given sentences that truly reflect the depravity of this abusive base evil lot of people
    Plus the victims need to be accorded as much therapy as possible to help them put their lives back together.
    Good on the Police for being diligent and investigating any suggestiion of Pedophilia.

  9. Anna

    The comment about how many children go missing is inappropriate. I have come to know a (now adult) person who was abused for a long time as a child by his Aunts and his mother and grandmother plus strangers they brought into the home. Fortunately he he got help before they killed him too. But the police left “open” the missing siblings, cousins, and half siblings cases, all infant children where their birth is documented, even starting to attend school in two instances is documented, but then they went missing. Social services constantly visited but never removed any children. The school knew the little children were constantly kept home from school but never did anything about it. So many indicators of abuse were obvious but until he ran away none of it came to light. Do not blame runaway children as often runnign away is to get away from abuse. Horrifying abuse associated with his abuse and that abuse he witnessed of the other children when he was a child. I doubt the cases will ever be solved as of the women involved, three women involved all committed suicide before the police could interview them and the only one convicted also killed herself in jail. But just from that group of four depraved women,multiple children were no doubt killed by these pedophiles. Including three children born to three of those pedophile women. I am sure that this depraved group of pedophile women are only the tip of the iceberg of depravity out there. There are some disgusting pedophiles, male and female, in the community and anyone who is a pedophile I have zero tolerance for them.

  10. woolyjumper

    I really can’t credit that “Jennifer Cartwell” is a woman. Neither the foul aggressive, and direct language nor the ways of thinking, nor the lack of sympathy for victims, nor the soft attitude (in contrast to the rough unsympathetic attitude to their victims) to paedos are in the least bit typically female.A poor pretence from s.o. who finds imaginative identification beyond them, I would say.

  11. g.c

    i suppose we will tan his hide when hes dead Fred

  12. joe loved your comment. We have to work together to expose the cover-up and all the people involved.

  13. joe

    MSM – complicit from the top down. As a former journalist, there are plenty of depraved characters working in the media.
    Love how they now wait for the brave and correct online community to name and shame…the sheeple follow blindly after.
    MSM have cut back on staffing levels so much that the reporters do not have the time to investigate and many take their news from PR handouts…not to mention they troll the internet looking for snippets.
    Keep up the good work but I doubt the main perpetrators will ever be caught. Latest figures over 1.5 million kids disappear every year from the western world..they dont even count kids from 3 world countries.

    • Jennnifer Cartwell

      You are so full of shit with your 1.5 million kids abducted lie that I don’t know where to fucking start.

  14. Everybody has got ‘McAlpinitis’ it would seem, and what with the Leveson whitewash proceeding nicely, no-one is likely to name any names at the moment, with the press on its best behaviour. It’s a funny old world when the actions of the innocent ensure that the potentially guilty can avoid being investigated…I wonder why the tabloids never hacked Sir SaVile’s phone…

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