By- Elections: Disillusionment Is Not Apathy

Before looking at the turnout in the three by-elections which took place yesterday, it seems only fair to see how I did with my predictions on the Rotherham by-election.

Mixed bag would sum it up nicely. I was correct that 10,000 votes would win it and that the top four places would be held by UKIP,Respect, Labour, and the BNP but I failed to predict how well the Labour vote would hold up and how little Respect were able to capitalise on the controversy surrounding the selection of the Labour candidate Sarah Champion and the other cock ups that the local Labour politicians have made recently on UKIP adoption and the failures to tackle paedophilia rings in Rotherham.

‘Donkeys wearing red rossettes’ springs to mind. Labour won the by-election with 9,866 votes, UKIP were second with 4,648 votes, BNP were third with 1,804 votes, and Respect came fourth with 1,778 votes. Let’s wait and see if  challenges over voter irregularity surface………..

The most striking statistic of all in yesterday’s by-elections was the extraordinarily low turnouts. Rotherham had the best, not too surprising given the extra national publicity for that contest, with 33.6%, Croydon North had a dismal 26.4%, and Middlesborough had a ludicrous 25.9%. Do any of these newly ‘elected’ MPs really have a working mandate ?

Of course, you will see in the MSM that the low turnout is all due to apathy. It is so easy for them to suggest that people don’t care which parasitical ‘Yes man/woman’ lounges around the House of Commons at their expense.

But I’d suggest that the low turnout is actually indicative of disillusionment in the system itself.

Why vote when the only thing that your vote will change is the colour of the rossette your MP wears and the vested interests that he/she will pander to?

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