Rolf Harris Interviewed Under Caution Over Sex Offences

Mark Williams-Thomas on Twitter

Mark Williams-Thomas was the man who investigated Savile for the BBC, the program was controversially not aired, and later ITV.

Mark is a former police detective who has far-reaching experience of working at the centre of high profile investigations.

During Mark’s police service, he specialised in child protection and major crime and he is renowned throughout the UK’s police forces as well as the national media for his expertise in these areas

 Mark Williams-Thomas Website


BBC News Story

A man in his 80s is being interviewed by detectives investigating child abuse allegations linked to Jimmy Savile.

The man, from Berkshire, attended a south London police station by appointment and is now being interviewed under caution.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree searched an address in Berkshire on Saturday.

The police said he was being interviewed as part of the inquiry that does not directly relate to Savile.

BBC News

About Rolf Harris Wikipedia

Rolf Harris’ Website

For Latest Read Update: Further Press Indications That Rolf Harris Was Questioned By Police Yesterday


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42 responses to “Rolf Harris Interviewed Under Caution Over Sex Offences

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  2. Mike Lowery

    CAN ANY ONE HELP MR THOMAS?? Have been trying to report sexual and financial abuse ( Elderly father in law) by a well known presenter BBC Radio Wiltshire. He can be seen on Acrebury story line , Very plausible , very dangerous, took my wifes family home and more. Council, Police…waste of space Contact from specialist Lawyer journalist welcome.

  3. green

    Very interesting. This was tweeted just weeks after his exposé on Savile and at the height of the Savile media reports and victim/witness interviews. Suggesting to the world, or anyone with an internet connection, that Harris was suspected of the same kind of crimes as Savile. This explains a lot.

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  5. fluffy


  6. Anonymous Aussie

    Have any of you read the above Article Correctly, or Just The headline !?!? …
    .. The police said he was being interviewed as part of the inquiry that does not directly relate to Savile.

  7. zadochthepriest

    When you fly over a danger zone in a military aircraft in order to avoid being hit by missiles youi throw out what’s called chaff (basically strips of tin foil) to confuse the guidance systems on the in-coming weapons. I believe that is what we are now winessing. All sorts of names are being thrown out there to deflect the heat grom the real culprits… Mandleson, Brown and Blair. Hang them I say.

  8. zadochthepriest

    Guttet…. seems like such a genuinely lovely guy…. Having real trouble believing this.

  9. Who really gives a toss?

  10. Raulph Horrace

    it MUST be ANOTHER cover up then ;)

  11. Amy W

    The different reactions between Savile’s arrest and the rumours of Harris’s arrest are very telling. Allegations are made against a deceased celebrity, whom “everyone always thought” was “a bit dodgy” due to his manner of dress and his general eccentricity – and he’s convicted in the court of public opinion, in a show trial with no evidence other than the testimony of the alleged victims and no chance for the accused to defend himself.

    Then, rumours abound that a well-loved, normal-looking celebrity has been caught up in the same sort of thing… and the reaction is utterly different. “Oh no, not Rolf, he’d never do such a thing!” Is it because Rolf’s alive and Jimmy’s dead? Because Jimmy was an eccentric, private almost-recluse in his later years, slowly becoming irrelevant, while Rolf is still well-known and popular? Or something else?

    • zadochthepriest

      I don’t know how old you are Amy, I suspect quite young… and good for you for defending a guy who is unable to defend himself (due to being ever so slightly dead). However, I can assure you that there was plenty of talk about Savile when he was alive. And try to bear in mind that this is a man who publicly defended Gary Glitter. That aside, the reason that he wasn’t challenged while he was alive is simple. Most people who knew him were shit scared to cross him and for very good reason. This man was probably the best connected guy on the planet. He spent nine Christmases curled up in front of the fire with the Thatchers, he was a regular at the palace and a confidante of (big ears) prince Charles, he was a knight of the realm, a member of the order of St John, he was in the knights of Malta. He helped broker a peace deal between Israel and Egypt. This guy was un-touchable while alive. Anybody going up against him would have been commiting career suicide, and possibly real suicide.

  12. Callie

    Uh-oh, I was reading that email and thinking it sounded pretty legit, and then I got to her last line ‘If this rabbit hole is fully followed, my guess is it will lead to the royal household.’ Seriously, why would a victim assume that?

  13. Callie

    That would tend to confirm what others are saying – it’s a grope assault on a grown woman, as in the case of DLT.

  14. Ozcrew

    Chris Spivey has published an email allegation from former ABC Melbourne crew that Rolf groped ABC staffers (women). The account certainly (as tv industry myself) has credibility inasmuchas that is def. crew talking.

  15. I heard it had nothing to do with kiddie fiddling and all to do with some woman who years ago had her (adult) tits grabbed by Mr Harris.

    • gogzilla,

      If I had some kind of informed source for that I’d willingly, gladly plaster that over The Needle in ten foot high letters.

  16. neil curtin

    right on baby.

  17. Baptist

    I’m afraid we Aussies will have to get used to reappraising one of our “National Treasures”. I heard stories from unimpeachable sources some years ago and that people had been paid off to not bring charges several times over the years. It seems to be just a matter of time with these things.

  18. Noeski

    Tie Me Neighbours Kids Down Sport….. Tie Me Neighbours Kids Down…..

    Ha Ha….

    • Obviously being a respectable and law abiding blogger, I couldn’t possibly lol at that comment. …………………….

      But if I were to it would only be an acknoweldgment of subtlety……………………which was absent in your comment.

  19. Ian

    what a load of British Rubbish.

  20. Dawn

    Innocent until proven otherwise. If he was involved in some of the charities that Saville was then they’re probably asking him if he saw Saville doing anything iffy, not ‘have you been touching Kiddies’. I’m disappointed that someone has left a message citing a story that the heard off a friend of a friend. Here say hardly equals guilty as charged (which Rolf hasn’t been).

    • I’m pleased that you see it as heresay.

      Innocent until proven guilty is a legal term. ‘An individual is innocent until proven guilty’ before a court of law.

      But let’s not apply that to ‘thought crimes’

      Like Schrodinger’s cat, Rolf Harris is neither innocent or guilty until the box is opened.

      • I suggest we wait for evidence and remember what happened during the Salem witch hunt.

      • Jonathan Mark

        Actually, Scrodinger’s Cat thought experiment infers that the cat is BOTH guilty and innocent until the box is opened. Observation settles the argument for the observer only. According to the principles of wave function duality, opening the box (the observation effect) initiates a wave function collapse where only one state may exist. However, the alternate state (either guilty or innocent) still exists in another realm according to the Many Worlds Theory.
        So, in effect, each and every one of us is both guilty and innocent at the same time of every good or bad choice we ever made… it depends who, if anyone, is looking. Silly isn’t it, but apparently true.

      • Jonathan Mark

        Schrodinger’s cat. Apologies… typo.

  21. thomas tumppington

    sorry rolf

  22. thomas tumppington

    Struth who is this guy interviewed by the police? You know I really worry about the safety of my two little boys.I’m drawing on my reserved energy not to get hopping mad. These pervs should be castrated down under.As for my friends kids Jake and Peg, well I worry about them too.

  23. Bill Wagstick

    Have they said what he’s done yet?

  24. Hmmm, well, when I was at college, a mate told me how a ‘foaf’ had in his possession photos of a certain TV personality engaged in child sex abuse (not dear old Rolf, no definitely not him), and said ‘foaf’ tried to blackmail said personality. He set up a meeting, naively taking the photos with him for a one-off exchange for cash, but the said personality had sent a couple of heavies in his place, who kicked the living sh*t out of the foolish blackmailer and made off with the photos…
    If you think this is libellous, because it’s posted under this topic,use your discretion and keep it for your eyes only! ;)

  25. Callie

    I would not be in the least surprised if its complete baloney. There is some very strange stuff being claimed by some very strange people and on this one I will demand PROOF. It’s easy nailing a dead man, let’s see if the plods actually have a case against Harris.

    • Callie you don’t believe anything do you ? lol

      I’m gutted about this but the source is impecable.

      • Callie

        I believe it when it’s been taken to court and had good evidence produced. Plenty of people get arrested, they are not all guilty. What is he accused of anyway? Is it boobie-jiggling with a full grown woman (like DLT) or something all together nastier?

  26. Extremely upset? I would be, but for the friend-of-a-friend story I heard twenty years ago…Cue didgeridoo jokes on Twitter, or then again, perhaps not…Wasn’t ‘Two Little Boys’ Thatcher’s favourite song?