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So, Greater Manchester Police and the CPS have finally admitted that if former MP Cyril Smith were still alive today then he ‘would‘ have been charged and prosecuted for child abuse………………but of course he’s not alive, he’s dead.

Despite eight men going to the police in 1970 claiming the Liberal politician had indecently assaulted them during the 1960s when they were teenagers at a children’s home in Rochdale, Sir Norman Skelhorn the DPP, decided those making the allegations could not be trusted. He wrote, “Further, the characters of some of these young men would be likely to render their evidence suspect.” The allegations were “somewhat stale” and “without corroboration”.

And the CPS still didn’t charge Cyril Smith when there were further allegations in 1998 and 1999.

BUT… the public are told that if it had happened today it would be different.

Now that Cyril Smith is safely dead a spokesman for the GMP could confidently pronounce that: “The Force is now publicly acknowledging that young boys
were victims of physical and sexual abuse committed by Smith.”

So that’s all good then.

Anyone else starting to see a pattern here ? The only safe paedo to investigate is a dead paedo ?

While the ranks of the Dead Paedos Society swell by the week, just how many powerful living paedophiles have been charged ?

Police Cover Up ??

Because it seems to me that as far as the police are concerned if the child abuse is by a dead man then they take a no nonsense approach but if they are living and powerful it’s a ‘no nonces’ approach.


by | November 27, 2012 · 10:27 pm

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  1. re the the photos is that jeremy thorpe ex liberal leader ?… i thought jeremy thorpe was still living

  2. Carol Houston

    Talk about bring up the bodies!! Do they think we are daft?
    All these people saying ‘I knew, I knew’!! Let’s have some ‘I KNOW’.

  3. Hey! You missed out McAlpine! Jimmie McAlpine that is, the nonce cousin of the noble Lord Alistair, who liked to have 12yr old boys as chauffeurs and golf caddies…Feel free to pinch the pic from my blog! …and maybe you’ll be needing some extra space for later on- you never know what revelations might explode in the press, like a bursting boil.