McAlpine Has Never Sued Anyone Over Paedophile Allegations.

That is just a simple statement of fact.

Lord McAlpine did not sue Scallywag who made the original allegations in print, allegations which go much further than anything the BBC, ITV, or anyone on Twitter have made.

Scallywag was sued by John Major over false allegations that he was having an affair with his cleaner (even Scallywag didn’t imagine that John Major was in fact screwing Edwina Currie). This was what bankrupted Scallywag and put it out of business.

Lord McAlpine did not sue David Icke when he repeated many of those Scallywag allegations in 1998 in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’

Lord McAlpine has NOT sued the BBC. The BBC have settled and paid damages of £185,000 plus costs. McAlpine had only threatened to sue the BBC.

‘Power perceived is power achieved.’

Now Lord McAlpine is asking Twitter users to come forward and admit their own guilt and settle themselves.

This is a joke.

Why has Lord McAlpine been so reluctant to go to court ?

My honest opinion is that only Twitter users who stupidly come forward will ever have to pay damages.

I doubt Lord McAlpine will take anybody to court over these paedophile allegations because he never has before.

Lord McAlpine, why have you never sued anybody, neither Scallywag or David Icke, over allegations that you are a child abuser ?

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