Heads Up – The Tide is Turning – Mammon

I think this is going to be one of the most interesting blogs to read over the next few weeks.

So, put it in your favourites is my advice.

To the reader,
Because of the way things are developing I’ve been asked to write about my version of events which have led to the demise of some at the BBC.
My involvement started at the age of 10. I was literally swooped off the street, placed before the magistrates and thrown into a life of……..well you decide.  My writing skills are still developing so you’ll have to bare with me. I’ve read 100’s of various blogs over the years so I have some idea of what is expected. I’m not going to be sensationalist. I’m not going intending on shocking. Some events will offer the reader an insight into a the goings on in various establishments of residential care throughout north wales.


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