The Internet Fights Back.

It took a day of careful consideration following the tsunami of establishment propaganda but today the internet fights back with a vengeance.

The Slog


Pride’s Purge

And it’s not just the alternative press which are asking questions, Channel 4 are too.

Cairan Jenkins C4 on Twitter

The Establishment, including the Government, have no credibility, they do not have the public’s blind trust anymore and their bullying and lies no longer have any effect.

They are completely discredited.

The public are not going to sit back and let the establishment continue to operate under one set of laws while hypocritically demanding that we must obey.

All child abusers must punished. 

Children in care homes are not the perverted playthings of the wealthy and powerful.


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12 responses to “The Internet Fights Back.

  1. BeeTee

    The loon who runs ‘the slog’ is a proven liar, manic conspiracy nutter and peddler of malicious allegations/innuendos about people in the public eye. He is an angry old man who gets very confused. Nobody takes his nonsense seriously and his blog is dismissed by virtually anybody with more than one brain cell still active. His blog gets about 800 global hits per month and can safely be ignored. Hope that helps…

    • He speaks very highly of you…………….


      • BeeTee

        Thanks for the early warning :-)

        My old granny always said “be very careful of old men talking well of you, they’re usually weirdos with a bag of toffees in their pocket.

        Given his claims of many connections to ranking “sources” in politics, celebs, journalism, banking and everywhere else, I bet his name keeps coming up in the Savile investigations. And he also comes from the north west I believe. hhmmm.

  2. I’m sure JW is big enough to shrug off your innuendo.

    Personally, I think you’re talking bollocks.

    • BeeTee

      FYI: If you’re also a Lefty or conspiracy loon like him, you may be in denial that he spends his time constructing complete and utter bollocks dressed up as carefully researched fact (it never is), simply to satisfy his craving for ‘attention’. Attention is what it’s all about, same as other conspiracy nuts…something lacking in their karma.

      The only thing big about him is his bloated ego and the fantasy world he inhabits, where he makes libelous daily allegations and innuendos against people in the public eye (almost always Tories) that he rarely provides one scintilla of researched evidence to support. He does not add to anybody’s sum of knowledge about anything. But if he keeps his small coterie of like-minded fans amused… be it.

      Have A Nice Day :-)

      • I’m apolitical, even unpolitical read –

        Who would you recommend that I read ?

      • BeeTee

        @gojam: well, I cannot really recommend any blogs which are specifically aimed at apolitical or unpolitical people. Most people have a leaning to the Left or Right even if they don’t see it in themselves or, in many cases, hide it, like our friend who runs the slog who is a rather odd angry old man with a hidden Lefty agenda.

        Several blogs I read daily/regularly when time allows:
        – (full of factual up-to-the-minute info and excellent guest articles like this: ).
        – (of paper money collapse)
        – (libertarian)

        These are usually classed as being on the Right, mainly because they generally support the Austrian School of Economics, small government etc.

        I think there are many people in the UK (and US) who believe that as Western treasuries & economies grind to a halt and become ever more immersed in corruption and criminality, democracy is being brushed aside and we are drifting towards a model of neo-fascism (others have different labels for this). Scandals that arise like the current one in the UK regarding child abuse tell me that it is long past time for the whole rotten system to fall.
        But therein lies huge problems: a) as always, the Establishment is clearly running a complex damage-limitation exercise to protect itself b) countless blogs which are simply noise-level provide the Establishment with an excuse to ignore public anger c) there are many different ideas of how a new system should be structured and d) how does anybody change the current system anyway? Revolution?
        I have long felt the solution is for a strong written constitution with independent supervisory oversight and have had many debates on this for years. Others would like to see a Marxist or Fascist system introduced and many others would prefer a system akin to Lefty ‘social democracy’ as in Europe etc. Few people appear to want a return to free market capitalism. But as I say, there is no known mechanism for the current system to be replaced and anybody who attempts to overthrow it would be (at least) arrested and locked up PDQ because it would probably be seen as treason. Most people don’t grasp the lengths the Establishment will go to, to protect itself. Buy-offs (as seems possible in Mr Messham’s case), mysterious disappearances and deaths of antagonists are not unusual.

      • Yes I’m a big fan of Zerohedge myself.

        You’ll find some but not all of my guest posts on Zerohedge here:

        Just enter theneedleblog in the search engine.

        I can’t find much to disagree with on that last comment.

  3. Good work ‘Needle’!
    Add me to the list!

  4. BeeTee

    I’ve placed you now. When I first posted in this thread, I recognised your posting name but couldn’t place where from. But last night I paid one of my very rare brief visits to the trash Lefty slog blog and saw a comment from you responding to his malicious and disgusting article “pandoras-box-of-british-paedophiles-why-the-unknown-nature-of-the-contents-keeps-the-lid-on-them/“. Then it all fell into place :-)

    At the time of my visit there were about 42 comments but sadly, only one decent person had castigated him for randomly and maliciously smearing people with nasty innuendos. That poster was not you but Houndstooth and you can read his response here:

    In that article the slog blog knowingly names five senior members of the Tory Party (past and present) and one senior Royal, plus others, all clearly in the context of criminal child abuse. He then attempts, cowardly, to cover his ass against libel claims by inserting a childish phrase in which he admits he hasn’t got a single shred of evidence against any of them. Duh!

    I also note that last week when Lord McAlpine’s name came into the MSM frame, the slog blog quickly asserted that McAlpine’s cousin was the bad guy, but he’s gone very quiet on that now. Truth is, he hasn’t got a clue about any of it, despite claiming to have contacts in high places all over the world including our Security Services. Yeah right.

    The guy’s a liar, trickster and running a shitty gutter blog which overflows with smears and innuendos, all for the purpose of attracting attention. IE: he’s an attention whore. It is depressing that so few people can see through him and continue to feed his lunacy by reading/commenting on his trashy blog. That just makes him worse.

    The point is that his articles nowadays are nothing more than a constant stream of misinformation, disinformation, poorly analysed snippets of info from God-knows where and pathetic innuendos aimed at people in high places, almost always Tories. We also saw that in his much written-about Hackgate scandal and Mr Hunt, which continues.

    Anyway, I see Lord McAlpine is in London today and negotiating a £settlement£ with the BBC. His lawyers have issued a statement urging other people on Internet social media sites to come forward. They say: “we know who you are”.

    Perhaps the people smeared and defamed by the slog blog will also take legal advice and bring this appalling smear game of his to an end. Let’s see.

  5. Hi Bee Tee,

    Maybe, we’ll see.

    The Telegraph and The Guardian named Jimmie McAlpine publically, he is dead and so there is no reason why anyone should feel that they couldn’t name him.

    That said, I’m inclined to believe that Jimmie McAlpine is a red herring, a deliberate misdirection.