The eBay Hypocrites.

The Telegraph report today that eBay have said that the lack of a universal 4G service in the UK will cost the UK economy £120 million.

Another Christmas without a universal 4G service will cost the UK economy £120 million in lost sales, according to a study.

Slow connection speeds are set to pose a barrier for many consumers wanting to shop via their mobile phones, and a nationwide roll-out of 4G would have boosted sales from £373 million to £493 million, the report by online auction site eBay claims

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Is this the same eBay that avoids paying it’s fair share of tax in the UK ?

From the BBC

US auction site eBay has paid only £1.2m in tax in the UK, according to an investigation by the Sunday Times.

The newspaper said that its tax bill in 2010 comes despite eBay’s UK subsidiaries generating sales of £800m.

The auction site – which also owns PayPal – responded that it “complies fully with all applicable tax laws”.

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Am I the only one who thinks that the tax avoiding eBay are hypocrites ?

They want those that do pay their fair share of tax to foot the bill for the 4G rollout so that they can make more profit while paying as little as possible themselves.

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