Jimmy Savile Fixes it for Ted Heath.


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  1. A former beat PC ‘Retired’ in Suffolk has some illuminating comments about deaths at Ixworth

  2. Hi Richard,

    I’ve done some searching and found the questions.

    Also read your comments left here – http://ipswichspy.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/tory-police-crime-commissioner-calls-for-debate-on-death-penalty/

    What exactly do you think was going on ?

  3. Richard Card

    I should add that the Shipman Inquiry on legal advice ruled that The Welsh Regional Crime Squad Inquiry 71/72 into GP death registration malpractice in Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder Homes would not be within their terms of reference. This was an inquiry into identity thefts via death registrations. In 94 a bizarre burglary stole all the area births marriages deaths records from Newport Registrar office …..

  4. Richard Card

    Thanks. The children (I think Lord Clinton Davis never got to find how many died in the 6 year period) were in Hackney Social Services care. Lord Clinton Davis phoned me a couple of years ago. I told him that Bury St Edmunds HM Coroner had searched other Coroner records and found two records for the three deaths that occurred from dec 71 to April 72. Only the third received an inquest which changed doctor certification from bronchopneumonia to hypothermia (for an April death)

    In the 90s Hackney commissioned a retrospective care inquiry into social workers. conducted by Director Cambridge Social Services. So I asked that the Beeches be included. But it was in fact excluded from his terms of reference.

    Stage 2 of Shipman Inquiry was looking at this sort of area of concern I think. That a local HM Coroner does not necessarily get an overview of patterns of death in his area. Because the officiating Coroner is where death is certified.

    Certainly Bury St Edmunds coroner was missing patterns of death in care and staff at the nearby Sue Ryder Home Cavendish too. Like Shipman perhaps funeral directors got a better idea of events. Fitch Funeral Director of Cavendish refused Sue Ryder business from about Jan 72 when Robert Martin of Clare had to be called in to deal with the body of the volunteer matron at the home. In due course Robert Martin refused further Sue Ryder bodies and she turned to an Essex firm.

    I would like to see a retrospective Article 2 Inquest for both the Sue Ryder deaths and the Ixworth Beeches child deaths.

    I hope the victims of the Ballymurphy massacre get their Article 2 inquest.

  5. Richard Card

    I emphasize that as far as I know the issues at The Beeches Child Care Home Ixworth 66 to 72 are poor care, poor sudden death inquiries and Sir Keith Joseph’s refusal to order a public inquiry.

    But I think you may care to google Clinton Davis 1972 Commons questions.

  6. Richard Card

    A joke of the Colonel Wallace era

    Prime Minister Ted Heath fell overboard from his yacht. A willowy youth crew member shouts “Teddy Teddy should I throw you a buoy ?”

    Ted shouts back “I’m bally drowning sweetie this is no time for pleasure”

  7. Burt

    You must be insane to fall for this conspiracy theory crap.

    It’s all connected maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

    • Burt,

      I can distinctly remember writing on the Telegraph’s obituary to Jimmy Savile that revelations would emerge and that people would regret being so effusive with their generous homilies. Guess what ?

      They sounded just like you do now.

      Best of luck to you.

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