Mr Tickle and the BBC.

Mr Tickle went to work.

He sneaked up behind the receptionist and, putting his hands under her jumper, he tickled her chest !

“Oh, Mr Tickle,” laughed the receptionist with difficulty, “You are naughty and very powerful in this corporation”.

Mr Tickle laughed too. The receptionist was certainly not a lesbian.


Mr Tickle then walked to his radio studio.

On the way he saw a young girl who was doing work experience.

She had her back to him as she photocopied some documents.

Quickly, Mr Tickle approached……………..

…..and he stuck his hands up her jumper and tickled her chest too!

The work experience girl turned around very quickly, “Oh , it’s you Mr Tickle”, and she began to laugh.

Mr Tickle laughed too, she definitely was not a lesbian and Mr Tickle thought that she would go far in the BBC.


Mr Tickle approached the radio studio and saw that Little Miss Professional was still doing her show.

Mr Tickle quietly entered the studio and crept up behind Little Miss Professional as she was talking to the public.

Very quickly, Mr Tickle stuck his hands up her jumper and tickled, and tickled, AND TICKLED !

But Little Miss Professional did NOT laugh ! 

She could not react in any way because she was talking to people on the radio !

Mr Tickle left the studio, HE was laughing.

“Little Miss Professional must be a lesbian” he joked

And everybody laughed.

The End

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