How Did He Get Away With It ? Jimmy Savile’s Photo Album.

savile blair

Tony Blair

Ted Heath

Gordon Brown

Margaret Thatcher

Harold Wilson

William Hague

Prince Charles

Prince Philip

Pope John Paul II

Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey

 If anyone has any photographs that they think should be added then please reply with a link.


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8 responses to “How Did He Get Away With It ? Jimmy Savile’s Photo Album.

  1. mean mr.mustard

    i guess and hope everyone on this site knows all about Gordon brown’s torrid history regarding children and crime and sex ? and dunblane and his pal lord Robertson and the daughter of the prostitute and many other hidden criminal records and the reason behind blairs 100year d notice -ie the reason blair was blackmailed into invading Iraq ? which required the silencing of robin cook and dr david Kelly ? he is also said to be behind the assassination of jill dando -for which innocent barry George was framed and served 8 years .
    luckily for them responsible and the foot soldiers in the masons and the police as well as parliament and the judiciary -the victims of the organised paedophile ring at dunblane were all mysteriously executed -so keeping things tidy and sealed -the 100 year d notice just put the sealed container into the deep freezer .
    I find myself unable to trust any cop or politician or councillor and definitely any mason and suspicious of every social worker or charity employee or teacher or faith leader or doctor or judge -so many are involved or keeping secrets or enabling or protecting -and those that don’t meet untimely ends to their life -as 4 senior cops and judges etc did in the jersey paedophile scandal-which was linked to ted heath and Saville and an entire network .
    the deaths of paula yates and peaches Geldof and the inxs singer and many bbc presenters and anyone who gets near the truth -shows that they have all the cards -the media and the cops and the judges and politicians and many professionals -like the heart surgeon dr Gerry McCann and kate McCann -who are deeply implicated with Gordon brown and cliff Richard and clement freud and many well known notorious paedophiles and worse .

    everytime I see Gordon brown -like when he was campaigning to keep Scotland in the union /uk I am shocked the crowd are not attempting to hang him -as he is so evil -yet they aren’t -so I assume the public still haven’t researched the secret and hidden truth about Gordon brown .
    likewise tranny prostitute and paedophile and Satanist and murderer tony blair is not being campaigned against and exposed -except for a few sites like coleman-experience and rich d. hall and chris spivey.
    just name dropping incase anyone isn’t yet aware ?

  2. HomerJS

    There you go! Clear evidence of him touching up the Archbishop of Canterbury . . .

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    If silence is deafening.. then the UK is deaf and blind.

  5. Clark

    Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink! … Say no more!

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