The European Tinder Box.

by Moraymint

I wonder if harsh economic realities could transcend generally accepted logic.  The common perception of unravelling events relies, by and large, on politicians remaining in close control of events and in particular in tight control of their societies.

But when institutions start running out of cash and people don’t get paid on a grand scale (which must now be well and truly on the cards in saying the coming 1 – 3 years, if not within the coming months), then politicians’ grand economic and political plans can rapidly turn in to the proverbial ‘ball of chalk’.

Like many people I struggle to discern the details of unfolding events over the coming months.  However, my age and instinct tell me that Europe’s political elites are losing control of their own societies even now.  There are more than 18 million people unemployed in Europe today and, for as long Europe’s political class stays on its current course, that unemployed rate will climb and climb.  That’s a really bad state of affairs; indeed, it’s life-threatening.

Eventually, I judge that the smouldering European tinder box will burst forth in to flame and thence on to conflagration.  At which point all bets are off.  No amount of logical and neat arguments about how politicians will engineer a European superstate without an explicit democratic mandate so to do will counteract the incandescent rage that could grip a critical mass of European citizens going without work, going without shelter, going hungry and living without hope.

It’s this ‘direct action’ by angry citizens that would scupper the controlled, totalitarian formation of a European superstate, I believe.  But I accept that I may be quite wrong in this and that the Europeans could well end up stumbling like lambs to the slaughter when it comes to their political masters implementing acoup de continent’ and forcing the formation of the United States of Europe on 495 million people.  God help them if it happens that way.

And if it does, there would need to be revolution in the UK to prevent our own political class from stitching us in to that self same socialist-fascist nightmare that would be the nascent USE.

Frankly, with each passing day now I can barely believe what the European political class is doing and getting away with.  It’s both scary and shameful and made so much worse by the benign way in which our own ignorant and cowardly political class just goes with the flow. Europe is on the verge of being raped and our own politicians don’t know where to look, still less what to do.


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  2. blackadder50

    The two historic ‘tinder box’ parallels that spring to my mind both just within the last century, are the First World War and the Russian Revolution. In both cases, there was a certain inevitability that they would ignite at some point; far less clear in prediction were the actual ‘sparking’ events and of course the eventual outcomes of the ensuing conflagrations.

    It could well be a similar scenario now with the EU.

    What is both so worrying and depressing is the huge gulf that has opened up between the agenda of the EU political elites and that of the mass of the people they are supposed to represent and in whose ‘best interests’ they are supposed to act.

  3. JohnM

    People may start to realise their problems when the banks fail, without state rescue, and their houses become part of that banks assets and get sold from under their feet.

  4. DanP66

    I hear you and I agree.
    There is a point where the governments lose the ability to govern. If I knew exactly what that point was I would be a lot wealthier than I am now. BUT no society can go on endlessly suffering and simultaneously tolerate the elites that created and benefited from the conditions of suffering continuing to not be accountable and continuing to isolate themselves in little utopias created at the expense of those doing the suffering.

    The political and economic elite are linked are like conjoined twins and when they are no longer able to contain or suppress the larger population, both will go down together.

  5. Adam Smith said there was a lot of ruin in a nation. Well, they are testing that to destruction.