EU Lemmings

by Moraymint

Europe’s politico-bureaucratic and banking “elites” are seemingly oblivious.  Indeed, even millions of European citizens themselves still seem to believe the euro/EU to be fundamentally “a good thing”.  In my view, this has everything to do with the European Commission’s annual “communication” (propaganda) spend of some €2 billion.

European citizens don’t know if they’re coming or going.  They think they believe in the euro/EU, but they know they don’t like 25% unemployment (and climbing) and standing in lines at soup kitchens.

We’re witnessing the most grotesque disconnect between a ruling elite (a toxic mixture of politicians, bureaucrats and bankers) and the ruled themselves.  The situation in Europe has all the ingredients of revolution, if not sooner, then later … at this rate anyway.

There are days when I think that if Europe’s politico-bureaucratic-banking elite press on with “ever closer union” whilst singing the euro/EU is “irreversible” chorus, then there’ll come a day when the European Commission headquarters will be razed to the ground by a critical mass of disaffected and hungry Europeans.

Meantime, however, most European citizens still seem to be oblivious to the trajectory of their beloved project, whilst most Brits probably couldn’t give a toss about Europe for as long as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘Come Dine With Me’ are showing on the telly (if you see what I mean).

You can sense how frustrated Winston Churchill must have felt in the run up to WW2 … it’s surreal watching Europe descend slowly but surely in to socio-economic chaos (or enforced misery at best), knowing that it needn’t be like this.

We’re probably witnessing the most destructive example of ‘groupthink’ in modern history.

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