Correcting the Record. Not German President and not Nazi Salute.

Walther Troger and Joachim Gauck

Last night I posted that German President Joachim Gauck appeared to give a repeated Nazi salute. It appears I was wrong.

I’m going to paste below the comments of one Youtube user, including castigation against Brits, as I think that it’s only fair I shouldn’t edit his post.

“This is Walther Tröger, an 83 year old man who once was the president of the National Olympic Committee for Germany and member of the International Olympic Committee.

During the 1972 olympics he took part in the negotiations with the terrorists who later killed Israeli athlets.

Tröger is definitely no Nazi. He is an old man with stiff joints who tries to wave like the athlets do.

Thank you Britain for once again putting us Germans into the Nazi corner. Thank you very much.


Sorry, Cyrano1202 and other Germans who were offended.


What I would say is that it certainly did look like the German President, Joachm Gauck, I never thought whoever it was deliberately meant to give the impression that it was a Nazi salute. I personally thought it was hilarious and the most inappropriate accident since Chancellor Gerhard Schröder visited Yad Vashem and accidently turned off the eternal flame at the holocaust memorial.

Here is the Youtube Video for last nights non-nazi salute –


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8 responses to “Correcting the Record. Not German President and not Nazi Salute.

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  2. All that was missing last night from the German delegation was Leni Riefenstahl to capture this memorable set piece spectacular on film for posterity.

  3. Ah, ze famous German sense of humour (says the half-German Jess).

  4. Mark F

    Bullshit !!! the guy did a nazi salute end of story. Three years in jail if he did it in Germany. If he is an anti nazi as his defenders say he would not have done such an action which could so easily be misinterpreted. come on face facts and it is a scandal that he is being defended by the german authorities. I will not let this lie and want some action from the german and international olympic commitees

  5. Oswald

    There is no way that he was doing a strained wave.

    People seem to not understand what a Nazi salute is. It is at it’s most basic meaning a statement of German superiority and has nothing to do with antisemitism.

    He was telling the German athletes that they are better then everyone else. It’s just the standard home team rivalry you get with any sport but still stupid to show in that gesture.

  6. eejit

    It’s nonsense to assume that German is synonymous with Nazi. Nazis is an internationalist movement and there are Nazis all over the world, including those in the UK: like yourself, for instance.

  7. Sabre

    Wrong arm !

  8. K.k.gopalakrishnan

    Romania president