Parliamentary Inquiry ? Just a Minute !

by Hector_Ing

I would prefer to pull my own teeth with a mole-wrench than agree with anything Ed “The Muttering Idiot” Balls says, but on this occasion I think he’s right.

The “grilling” that “Bent as a nine-Bob Diamond” was subjected to by the Parliamentary Inquiry was as painful to watch as it was hilarious.

Our parliamentarians acted like partisan, point-scoring buffoons throughout the entire “examination” of nine-Bob, and therefore achieved the square root of Sweet Fanny Arkwright (as they would).

If we cannot manage a full, “independent” judicial inquiry then it would probably be best to put nine-Bob on ‘Just a Minute’.

“Without repetition, hesitation or deviation” will be a tough challenge for nine-Bob, it being that he spent his entire time doing all three during his appearance before the Parliamentary Inquiry, without being challenged by our worthy parliamentarians.

Ideally, nine-Bob should appear on ‘Just a Minute’ with slow-witted non-parliamentarians such as Paul Merton, Graham Norton and Ross Noble, who will shred him mercilessly and send him back to one of his mansions in a plastic bag.


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3 responses to “Parliamentary Inquiry ? Just a Minute !

  1. James England

    And yet what has the Leveson Judicial Enquiry managed to get out of its witnesses? Look through the BBC’s crowing sensationalising coverage and I cannot remember one single thing to have come out that should have an impact on our existing laws. The whole exercise is costing a huge amount of money and I suspect will produce suggested law changes that owe nothing other than to the fact that Leveson feels under pressure to “do something”.

    • Stephen Nelson

      Dear James,
      These judicial inquiries do drag on a bit don’t they?
      Leveson hasn’t had “an impact on our existing laws” because he hasn’t actually produced any findings yet. But no doubt he will, given time.
      After all, paint dries eventually.
      This judicial stuff may not be as exciting as Celebrity Big Brother, but I still prefer it to the patronising circus acts that are our Parliamentary Select Committees.
      Thank goodness the committees are “selected”.

  2. Great post! Anyway, wouldn’t a parliamentary inquiry get in the way of the Plod feeling some collars? Or is that the point and am I being dim?