Pulling the Trigger on the Banks.

by EF

And we are supposed to take the advice of a bank CEO (Standard Chartered is also, as rumour has it, under investigation for the Libor fixing) about whether or not the UK remains in the EU, are we?  Are democratic rights across the western world to be sacrificed on the altar of casino capitalism which benefits no-one but the corrupt institutions and officials who make billions from it?

It is clear now where the spend, spend, spend policies of the neo-liberalism of the past decade have got us – to bankruptcy, economic dictatorship and a lethal co-dependency between incompetent/corrupt politicians and those shadowy figures with the key to the petty cash tin in the zombie banks.

EU politicians promised manna to the masses (and healthy kickbacks for themselves) and turned to the banks for money, in many cases through elaborate and extrotionate PFI schemes.  Now governments can’t let bust banks fail because they need them to keep on buying worthless government bonds to fuel their vote-buying, crony-bribing spending sprees.  At the behest of these same bankers and politicians, economies are being strangled into depression and trillions are being poured into a bottomless pit of debt interest.  In order to perpetuate this systemic corruption, the earnings of taxpayers’ great-great grandchildren are being offered as collateral, and the populations funding this gigantic ponzi scheme are being systematically disenfranchised.

To solve the economic crisis this unholy political-banking elite has caused in Europe, we are being frogmarched into a ‘banking union’ that would make us liable for financial corruption across the entire continent (when we have quite enough to pay for home), an unelected finance ministry in Brussels to set tax rates and spending policies, and a wholly unaccountable European superstate run by the very same people who created the mess we are in.

What is needed is a brutal crack down on the miscreant banks, the voluntary insolvency of those that cannot be saved, orderly euro-exits and no bailouts, an agreed programme of debt forgiveness, new very strict criteria for lending with harsh penalties to encourage sound investment and not asset bubbles.  And bankers should be told in no uncertain terms to get their own house in order before they condemn UK citizens to permanent serfdom as tax-slaves to the EU.

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