Rise of the Lie-Borg.

– On Barclays rigging, for over 5 years, the Libor rate, their subsequent ‘slap on the wrist’, and Bob Diamond reliquishing ‘next’ year’s bonus.



Planet Earth !!

“We care not about you organic life forms and your standard of living, we are the Borg, the Lie-Borg!”

“Decency? honesty? These are the weaknesses of your species. Join the Lie-Borg and you will quickly recognise the benefits.”

“See how, even now, when only a small part of our lies are revealed, that we can not be touched ?”

“Only by becoming part of the Lie-Borg can you become untouchable.”

“We are the future.”

“There is no place for organic concepts like conscience, we are the Borg, the Lie-Borg.”


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  1. You will comply! ;)