Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood wins Egyptian Presidency


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2 responses to “Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood wins Egyptian Presidency

  1. You’ve got me chuckling. ;-)

    Dave, make sure you email me [ see mission statement] if you’ve got something you would like up on this blog.

    I’m looking forward to your next missive.

  2. Dave O'Carroll

    Joan Collins or Hapshepsut, not obvious at first glance given their similar appearance but the ancient mummy’s shoulder pads give the game away. Joan’s dynasty was the transient TV variety and wouldn’t be seen dead outside the studio in such obvious 80’s garb, Hapshepsut’s Dynasty was the real deal.

    The lack of shoulder pads in the modern Egyptian milf is probably due to an absence of formulaic Aaron Spelling offerings on Egyptian State TV since the post WW2 creation of the Israeli State, but that is purely supposition on my part as I’ve never had occasion to watch it. In Egypt anyway…..