8 out of 10 Fat Cats…………..

………..Don’t Admit That Their Tax Avoidance Schemes Are Wrong !

Last night Jimmy Carr accepted full responsibility for channelling his earnings through the entirely legal, though ‘morally wrong’, K2 Tax scheme, which allowed him to pay as little as 1% tax

“I hate to sound like I’m passing the buck, but I’ll tell you who I blame for this whole mess – me. It’s entirely my fault.” he said on the show, 8 out of 10 cats.

This follows his frank personal statement on the issue.

 “I appreciate as a comedian, people   will expect me to ‘make light’ of this situation, but I’m not going to in   this statement as this is obviously a serious matter.

“I met with a financial advisor and he said to me ‘Do you want to pay less tax? It’s totally legal.’ I said ‘Yes.’

“I now realise I’ve made a terrible error of judgment.

“Although I’ve been advised the K2 Tax scheme is entirely legal, and has been fully disclosed to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), I’m no longer involved in it and will in future conduct my financial affairs much more responsibly. Apologies to everyone.”

Carr later said:  “I’ve been dishing it out for years, it’s about time I got some.”

And his guests on the popular Friday night show did not disappoint, relentlessly, poking fun at the show’s host.

That’s enough about Jimmy Carr because in publically accepting he’s made a mistake and setting his tax affairs straight he is a creditable exception.

Where is Gary Barlow’s public statement and the other members of Take That ?

What about Lord Ashcroft ?

What about the 2,400 senior civil servants who are, right now, on ‘off payroll’ contracts which allow them to pay 20% tax instead of the 50% they should be paying ?

Or the 3,000 ‘indirect’ BBC employees who have similar arrangements to the civil servants ? [Private Eye issue 1316]

What about the Doctors and Dentists who are screwing the system, where is their statement ?

Or the companies donating money to the Conservative Party via dodgy tax avoidance schemes ?

It’s starting to look like the only people actually paying their tax are those on PAYE.

It’s simply not good enough for the Government to close the tax loopholes, these people have been shafting the Inland Revenue, and by extension all those that have been paying their tax, for years.

Free all the shoplifters from our jails to make room for this scum.


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2 responses to “8 out of 10 Fat Cats…………..

  1. Hi Dave,

    You’absolutely correct. I’m surprised by some of the reaction also but I think it may just be particular quarters of our society that think that avoidance is justifiable.

    Most people pay there tax via PAYE and my suspicion is that most of them take our view.

  2. Romford Dave

    Yes the distaste is palpable, but interestingly only in parts of the tax paying public.

    What was striking in the Jimmy Carr case was the level of support shown in the public forums for avoidance generally, reinforcing the need for all colours of government to examine the purpose for taxation in the first place and at reducing the levels of wasteful spending.