An Irish Perspective.

by robertbrowne

The ‘Ludicrous’ Michael Noonan

Ireland’s finance minister on the 11th of April said that talk of Ireland needing a second bailout was “ludicrous”.

It appears the IMF do not agree. The IMF are in Ireland at the moment under the 2010 MOU with the Troika and they have been both weak kneed and ineffectual when it comes to dealing with Ireland’s self serving public sector it’s state monopolies which include energy and forestry.

Before anything changes in Ireland it might be an idea to understand that Ireland has one of the most cosseted and highly paid public sectors in the world and that it has tried to borrow its way out of recession instead of making necessary structural reforms.

Ireland is run by trade unions and their cronies therefore bailing out Ireland is not in the national interest. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it is not as though the only people being bailed out are the people who ran the country into the ground and who are 99% still making the decisions today.

Only this Wednesday an Irish minister said that the government needed to be able to wind up agencies (quango’s) without having to redeploy those involved to other agencies, which is what the Croke Park agreement demands. The minister was rounded on and was called “mad” this is like a “red rag to a bull” they said.  Personally, I think it is a red rag to bull shit. Until the government decide to get rid of the apartheid system they should not get a red cent from the EU , EZ, ECB, ESM, IMF, they should be allowed to marinate as they are at the  moment in debt.

There is absolutely no point in bailing out Ireland as to do so runs counter to the interests of the vast majority of Irish people. It should not be bailed until it agrees to give up the myriad of ponzi schemes that it has in place and which has cost the country its sovereignty and caused 460,000 people to become unemployed and another 250,000 to emigrate since the advent of the crisis.

Ireland, guaranteed all senior debt against the wishes of the most EU countries, it operates a corporate tax rate of 12.5% a wild west type financial services in Dublin’s Docklands. It poaches FDI from the rest of the EU while giving the poor mouth. Meanwhile it has hegemonies in health and law that are heavily dependent on egregious government bailouts.

All this needs to come to a head.

Ireland’s problems cannot be sorted out by giving it more money!

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