David Cameron Leaves Daughter in Pub

Mr David Cameron, an unemployed man from Manchester, left his daughter alone in a Pub yesterday.

He had spent the afternoon boozing in his local pub with his partner Samantha and their three children.

It was an hour after they’d left the pub before they realised that they’d left their 8 year old daughter.

Mr Cameron phoned the pub when his head had cleared and he realised what he’d done.

The bar staff eventually found the young girl alone in the toilets.

The Daily Mail  Screamed – Benefit Scrounger Irresponsible Parent.

The Sun Asked – How can we stop these people from breeding ?

The Telegraph pointed out – Only married couples make good parents.


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2 responses to “David Cameron Leaves Daughter in Pub

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  2. Presumably Social Services are now investigating this flagrant breach of parental care, child neglect and poor parenting?