Full Transcript of what Leveson Protestor said about Blair.

While Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was being questioned earlier today at the Leveson Inquiry, a 49 year old protestor gained entry, interupted the proceedings, and shouted the following:

” Excuse me, this man should be arrested for war crimes.

JP Morgan paid him off for the Iraq War  3 months after he invaded Iraq he held up the Iraq bank for 20 Billion ($?) he was then paid 6 million in dollars every year and still is from JP Morgan 6 months after he left office. The man is a war criminal !”

Note: I’ve not attempted to add too much punctuation as it can slightly change the meaning and it’s difficult to decide on listening exactly where the commas and full stops should be. – gojam


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2 responses to “Full Transcript of what Leveson Protestor said about Blair.

  1. Bill Bell

    Although it makes for a nice narrative, and Tony Blair is surely a slimey bastard, I doubt the story is so transparent, the men in suits certainty had words with Ole Tone but I doubt there was so much clarity in their requirements or the implementation.