Eurovision = UK Derision

We don’t know how much money the BBC pays for the dubious privilege of broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest, we don’t know because the BBC refuses to say but we do know that Great Britain is one of it’s largest contributers. So much so, that the UK has effectively ‘bought’ it’s entry into tonight’s final.

The Eurovision Song contest began in 1956, back then it was technical broadcasting marvel, live broadcasting across the Continent, truly amazing. It reached it’s height of credibility when ABBA won in 1974. From the mid 1980s onwards, it only became remotely watchable if you understood it wasn’t to be taken seriously. It was a joke, an opportunity to laugh at foreigners but somehow the joke is now on us.

The break-up of the USSR, the balkanisation of Eastern Europe, and the creeping expansion of exactly how far into the Middle East and Asia can ‘reasonably’ be considered ‘Europe’, has seen a further deterioration.

It used to be a joke but now the joke is on us and to add insult to injury, we’re paying for it.

Let’s make this Eurovision the last one the UK enters.

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