Fire, Fine, and Jail the Tax Avoiding Civil Servants.

Yeh, Cheers Sir Humphrey!

It was announced today in the House of Commons by Treasury Minister Danny Alexander that no less than 2,400 senior civil servant have been dodging tax.

By paying their tax via private companies and agencies they have been able to avoid the top rate of tax, 50%, and only pay the 20% – 21% on corporation tax.

At most it looks like the Government will only terminate those ‘off payroll’ contracts.

But what they should do is make an example of these swindling ‘Sir Humphries’ and fire, fine, and jail them. Yes all 2,400 of them.

It is an utter disgrace and it just shows the level of systematic corruption at every level of the British Establishment.

Oh, and as final boot out of the door take away their ‘honours’ and let them make their way in the world as plain old ‘Mister’ like the rest of us.

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