How Long Before Cameron Loses His Wingman ?


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2 responses to “How Long Before Cameron Loses His Wingman ?

  1. Hi Blackie,

    I thought you must have edited your Telegraph profile. I just used the same avatar so I didn’t notice a change,

    The painting which I’ve butchered is by Roy Lichenstein of ‘pop art’ fame

  2. blackadder50

    The illustrations remind me of some of the US Marvel comics I used to read when I was a kid – Sergeant Rock and his men of Easy Company. The nasty Krauts always got their just deserts in the end – maybe they will politically & financially today when Greece finally throws in the Euro towel?

    Re Cameron, you have to remember that Hunt was one of his pals at Oxford, and I think, with Osborne, a fellow Bullingdonian, so he will be inclined to cling on to him right until the bitter end.

    PS I see that my DT avatar is now the same as this to my surprise! There seem to be all sorts of link throughs with e mail addresses and passwords on line, but I thought DT was quite separate. I’d like to change my DT username, but can’t. Also, still can’t get dashboard access to this blog despite various attempts. Alas, no permanent link exits between me and it, and maybe never will. Then again, I still have no network connection on my mobile after nearly 3 days, but that’s a slightly more serious matter!