Leveson – Government News Management.

by gojam

You know that you’re going to get lots of juicy and embarrassing details coming out of the Leveson Inquiry when government anonymous sources begin spinning some of the evidence we’re going to hear.

Just a week since Ministers including Cameron, Osbourne, Hunt, Gove,Hague, Cable and Clegg were awarded Core Participant Status, meaning that they have prior sight of written evidence submitted by other witnesses, and the very morning before Rebakah Brooks takes the stand with a large number of embarrassing details about communications with Cameron, mysteriously a story about a text sent by Tony Blair to Rebekah Brooks has emerged.

Now, before discussing Blair’s text itself, let’s first understand the context of this ‘news management’. When the Government lawyer applied to Lord Jusice Leveson to award those ministers Core Participant Status he gave specific assurances and undertakings that future written evidence from witnesses would not be made public before that evidence was given. This was of great concern to Lord Justice Leveson at the time and one wonders what ‘his honour’ will be thinking if he hears about the Blair text being made public.

Now for the Blair text, I’m afraid it’s not very interesting, Tony Blair texted Rebekah Brooks before the 2011 select committee meeting ‘urging her to apologise to the committee’, that’s it, hardly Watergate is it ? Especially when you consider that Blair wasn’t the Prime Minister at the time, he wasn’t even an MP.

But that’s not how ‘government sources’ are spinning this mysterious leak, oh no. They are suggesting that this shows that previous Prime Ministers too had cosy and inappropriate ‘relations’ with News International, a line of spin which, if you are a political anorak like myself, should do nothing more than whet your appetite for today’s proceedings at the Leveson Inquiry, because the spin identifies clearly what Downing fear the most and they are hoping to set the news agenda for the day onto general Prime Ministerial impropriety and away from the catalogue of embarrassing details of David Cameron’s improprieties.

It should be worth watching today.


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3 responses to “Leveson – Government News Management.

  1. blackadder50

    Clearly, Cameron & Co. are trying to muddy the waters regarding their own dubious and embarrassing links with NI.
    We’ve had Coulson, now its the turn of Ms Brooks to spill the beans………
    ‘Stable doors’ and ‘bolting horses’ spring to mind.