Water Company’s Failures Put the UK at Risk

by gojam

2012 is quickly turning into the year of the torrential drought.

The suggestion that the last 3 years have been unusually dry has not been my own experience, nor many others across the country.

So, instead of continuing to repeat this patent lie why don’t the UK Government look seriously at the following:

1) The privatised water companies have not adequately invested in the infrastructure of the country instead raking off the profit.

2) Our population has increased due to immigration and supply has not kept up with demand.

3) We’ve paved over too much of the country and the water is running away.

I live in an area where the local Regional Health Authority are pushing through the flouridation of the water supply despite every democratically elected body from Parish to County Council and every local MP, regardless of party, being unanimously opposed to it and at the same time the Private Water Company is quickly installing water meters, estimated on average to double bills.

So to summarise, my water supply is being contaminated with industrial waste, my water bills are doubling,  and my water usage is being rationed, at the same time as the entire country is being flooded !

Water is far too important to be left in the hands of private companies, it is a matter of national security. It’s 20 years since the Water Bill privatised our water supply and anyone with even half a brain should be able to see that those companies have rewarded their executives and shareholders instead of investing in the vital infrastructure that this country relies on.

Re-Nationalise water now !

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