Fiona Woolf appearing at the Home Affair Select Committee

Fiona Woolf, recently appointed Chair of the government’s CSA inquiry, appearing in front of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee on 21st Oct 2014. She might have been expecting an easy ride, but she didn’t get one.

In response to questions about her lack of experience in child care, she stressed how her task is to act as manager, provide focus and ensure efficiency.

She repeatedly claimed that she was “not a member of the Establishment”, and failed to comprehend that others may not share her perspective.

It was revealed that her letter to the Home Secretary was drafted with the assistance of Home office staff, and, after the Home office had approved it, the final version published.
The Committee have asked to see the first draft.

It was apparent from her replies that the terms of reference weren’t drafted by her, nor did she propose any names for panel members. She has yet to meet face to face with any of the panel, and that will not take place until 12th November. Vaz was surprised and critical of this delay.

Woolf stressed the importance of speed, but the first output of the inquiry will be an interim report at the end of March next year. Keith Vaz pointed out that because of the election in 2015, parliament will be porogue at the end of March, and therefore the first time MPs could review the interim finding would be 7th May. He asked Woolf if she would produce the interim report by end of February.

Worth the hour and five minutes to watch in full.


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Fiona Woolf letter to Theresa May

This is the letter from Fiona Woolf to Thersea May, on 11th October 2014, expressing her confidence to undertake the investigation and also includes her responses regarding Leon Brittan and Harriet Harman.

What’s interesting is that in the Select Committee today it was revealed a draft letter was send by Woolf to the Home Office, and together with HO staff the final version created. Keith Vaz has asked Woolf today to send the committee a copy of the earlier draft.

This is the final version.


F-Woolf Letter1

F-Woolf Letter2


F-Woolf Letter3 F-Woolf Letter4



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CSA Inquiry: Terms of Reference


To consider the extent to which State and non-State institutions have failed in their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation; to consider the extent to which those failings have since been addressed; to identify further action needed to address any failings identified; and to publish a report with recommendations.

In doing so to:

  • consider all the information which is available from the various published and unpublished reviews, court cases, investigations etc. (hereinafter “the reports”) which have so far concluded;
  • consider whether such institutions failed to identify such abuse and/or whether there was otherwise an inappropriate institutional response to allegations of child abuse and/or whether there were ineffective child protection procedures in place;
  • advise on any further action needed to address any institutional gaps or failings within our current child protection systems on the basis of the findings and lessons learnt from these reports;
    disclose, where appropriate and in line with security and data protection protocols, any documents which were considered as part of the inquiry; and
  • publish a report with recommendations.


  • State and non-State institutions. Such institutions will, for example, include:
    • Government departments, Parliament and Ministers;
    • Police, prosecuting authorities, schools including private and state-funded boarding and day schools, Local Authorities including care homes and children’s services, health services, prisons/secure estates;
    • Churches and other religious denominations and organisations;
    • Political Parties;
    • The Armed Services.
  • The Inquiry Panel will cover England and Wales. Should the Inquiry Panel identify any material relating to the devolved administrations, it will be passed to the relevant authorities;
  • The Inquiry Panel will consider these matters from 1970 to the present. However, the Inquiry Panel may be presented with evidence that will lead it to conclude that this timeframe should be extended further;
  • The Inquiry will not address allegations relating to events in the Overseas Territories or Crown Dependencies. However, any such allegations received by the Panel will be referred to the relevant law enforcement bodies in those jurisdictions;
  • For the purposes of this Inquiry “child” means anyone under the age of 18. However, the panel will consider abuse of individuals over the age of 18, if that abuse started when the individual was a minor.


  • The Inquiry Panel will have full access to all the material it seeks, unless there is a statutory impediment to it doing so;
  • Any allegation of child abuse received by the Inquiry Panel will be referred to the Police;
  • All personal and sensitive information will be appropriately protected; and will be made available only to those who need to see it;
  • It is not part of the Inquiry’s function to determine civil or criminal liability of named individuals or organisations. This should not, however, inhibit the Inquiry from reaching findings of fact relevant to its terms of reference.


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CSA Panel Names Announced

Joining Graham Wilmer MBE and Barbara Hearn OBE as panel members for the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse are:

Sharon Evans, CEO of Dot Com Children’s Foundation and journalist
Ivor Frank, attorney Parliamentary Group for Children in Care since 2000
Dame Moira Gibb, social work expert led inquiry into death of “Baby P”
Professor Jenny Pearce OBE, Queen’s Anniversary Prize for research into child sexual exploitation, violence trafficking
Dru Sharpling CBE, HM Inspector of Constabulary
Professor Terence Stephenson, ViceChair Institute of Child Health Dean Health Sciences Univ of Nottingham

Ben Emmerson QC is Counsel to the Inquiry,
Professor Alexis Jay OBE will serve as an expert adviser.

Full text of the announcement 21st October 2014 from the Home Office;

The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Theresa May):
Further to my statement to the House on 7 July and my written ministerial statements of 9 July and 5 September 2014, I am pleased to announce that I have appointed the panel members to the independent inquiry panel of experts, which will consider whether public bodies – and other, non-state, institutions – have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse.

Sharon Evans, Ivor Frank, Dame Moira Gibb, Professor Jenny Pearce OBE, Dru Sharpling CBE and Professor Terence Stephenson, will join Graham Wilmer MBE and Barbara Hearn OBE as panel members for the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Ben Emmerson QC is Counsel to the Inquiry, and Professor Alexis Jay OBE will serve as an expert adviser.

I am confident that this panel, under the chairmanship of Fiona Woolf CBE, will carry out a robust and thorough inquiry, and will challenge individuals and institutions without fear or favour, in order to consider this important issue, to learn the relevant lessons, and to prevent it happening again. The panel represents a diverse range of experience which includes social care, academia, law enforcement, health, media, the voluntary sector and those with experience of child sexual abuse.

The terms of reference have been drafted to ensure that this strong and balanced panel of independent experts can have full access to all the material it seeks, unless there is a statutory impediment to it doing so. The panel will consider matters from 1970 to the present, although this can be extended if evidence is provided that supports this, and will decide how and where to focus its efforts, in order to complete its work and make recommendations within a reasonable timeframe. The Terms of Reference have been finalised and a copy will be placed in the House Library. The panel will provide an update to Parliament before May next year.

Each of the panel members has written to me setting out in full any issues which might be seen to cast doubt on their impartiality. Those letters are published in full on the inquiry’s website. I am confident that they will carry out their duties to the highest standards of impartiality and integrity.

Fiona Woolf has a long and distinguished career throughout which she has demonstrated the highest standards of integrity. I am confident that she will lead the work of the panel with authority, and that under her leadership the panel will get to the truth of these issues. They will do so on behalf of victims past and present to ensure that the sexual abuse of children is never again a hidden crime, and that past failings are acknowledged, and recommendations made for further improvements to current arrangements in the light of the panel’s findings. I wish the panel every success in its important work.




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Calls for Fiona Woolf to investigate the Intelligence Services

One of the lingering questions following the revelations of paedophile Jimmy Savile’s activities is the role of the Intelligence Services;

How can it be that the Security Services failed to identify Savile, whose paedophile abuse spanned over 50 years and was awarded both an OBE and a Knighthood?

This predatory paedophile mixed easily with senior politicians and Royalty, not to mention leading the task force running Broadmoor, a top security hospital, for a year. Were the Services incompetent, or was it something else?

Similarly, there have been lingering doubts about the truth of the Kincora boys home in Belfast. This was Ken Livingstone speaking on LBC radio on 10th November 2012;

‘I was raising in parliament, up against Mrs Thatcher, the Kincora boys home, where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were hoping to be able to blackmail senior politician in Northern Ireland. They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisleys MPs and they never did…. erm, and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there’s been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades.’

Are our Intelligence Services complicit in child abuse?

Today’s story in the Daily Mirror would seem to suggest that they are;


The British authorities covered up a case of child sex abuse by a senior figure of the IRA in order to use the damning evidence to turn him into a double agent, military intelligence sources have said.
Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car in the 1970s, the sources said.
But instead of being prosecuted, the images were used by military spooks to turn the Republican hero – and close ally of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – into one of the British Army’s most valuable informants.
A source revealed that Cahill – who died in 2004 – was being followed by a covert unit as he drove around Belfast when the pictures were taken.
They apparently showed the paramilitary, then in his 50s, abusing a 14-year-old girl, who was later identified.

Daily Mirror 20/10/2014

Now there are calls for Fiona Wolf to also investigate the intelligence services’ role in child abuse as part of her inquiry;

Chairwoman Fiona Woolf is expected to examine abuse by MPs, in care homes and schools, and is now facing calls to expand her investigation to cover the role of the intelligence services.
Labour MP Tom Watson said: “There have been rumours that the intelligence services had knowledge of child abuse for a number of years.
“That is why it’s essential that the inquiry is given full access to intelligence service files on this subject.”
Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed the truth about paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith, said: “The exploitation of children by the secret services and members of the establishment comes as no surprise.
“We are discovering a history of poor children being treated like disposable goods by people in high places and no one batted an eyelid.”

Daily Mirror 20/10/2014

What a cesspit.


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That Rock…

…has more intelligence than you.


Utter scum.


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A Man Is In Love

The Friday Night Song

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